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SoE Facilities


  • Anderson Hall: Anderson Hall located on College Avenue (across from Memorial Steps) is considered the hub of the School of Engineering. It contains the Dean's Administration Offices, Burden Lounge, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nelson Auditorium, the Engineering Project Development Center (EPDC), the Scientific Visualization Center, several classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, and faculty and graduate student offices.

  • Halligan Hall: Halligan Hall is located on College Avenue (adjacent to Cousen's Gym) and is the home of the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. It houses classrooms, computer laboratories, and research laboratories, and faculty and graduate student offices.

  • Science and Technology Center @ 4 Colby St: Located near the intersection of Harvard and Boston Avenue, the Science and Technology Center houses state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories for Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, including the Tissue Engineering Research Center (TERC). Tufts Gordon Institute, a Scanning Probe Microscope, and a machine shop are also located here, as well as classrooms, departmental offices, and faculty and graduate student offices.

  • Advanced Technology Labs @ 200 Boston Avenue: Located a half mile north of campus sits the Advanced Technology Laboratory, an interdisciplinary research facility where science and various engineering disciplines collaborate to work on complex problems. The ATL houses a clean room for teaching undergraduates micro-fabrication processes, and is the hub of the soft-bodied robot research on campus.

  • Bray Laboratory: Located behind Anderson Hall at 504 Boston Avenue, Bray Laboratory houses a machine shop, undergraduate teaching labs, research and CAD laboratories for the Mechanical Engineering Department.

  • Curtis Hall (basement): Located on the corner of College Ave and Boston Ave, underneath the Brown & Brew coffee shop is the Center for Engineering Educational Outreach, including the Robotics Academy and the Student Teacher Outreach Mentoring Program (STOMP).

Computing Facilities

Computing facilities within the School of Engineering supplement university-wide resources and have specific applications for engineering and computer science coursework and to support research and student assignments. Generally, these computing facilities are open to all students needing access to them and operate either on a set schedule or with keypad access.

Research Laboratories and Centers

Dozens of research laboratories and interdisciplinary centers are housed within Tufts School of Engineering. A complete list is available on this page.

General University Facilities

  • Information Technology, delivers information technologies to the Tufts community that facilitate teaching, learning, research, administration, and outreach

  • Tisch Library, provides services and resources to Tufts community

Environmental Engineering

Research has begun for the Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health study sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. A research team led by Tufts' Doug Brugge and John Durant, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will monitor air quality in and around the Somerville, Mass. area.