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Engineering Fellows

The Engineering Fellows program brings the perspective of the practicing engineer to students who are studying fundamental topics.
An Engineering Fellow:

  • Works closely with a course instructor to take advantage of the engineer's practical perspective to deepen the fundamentals of the course and discipline
  • Mentors up to seven students for one semester
  • Meets with mentees for recitation or discussion once per week

Although Engineering Fellows are volunteers, they are valued contributors to Tufts' mission, and for the time of their appointment, they are full members of the Tufts community:

  • Each Engineering Fellow will be appointed with the title Engineering Fellow or Senior Engineering Fellow, and he or she will be issued a Tufts ID card bearing that title.
  • In honor of their commitment, each Engineering Fellow receives a modest honorarium.
  • Engineering Fellows enjoy library privileges and access to athletic facilities.
  • To help foster closer ties between Engineering Fellows and their students, Tufts encourages them to join their students for meals in Tufts dining halls, at Tufts' expense.
  • Engineering Fellows are invited to all departmental colloquia; they may also have the opportunity to present their own work at departmental colloquia.