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ABET-accredited programs: enrollment and graduation

Each ABET-accredited program must publicly post the current annual student enrollment and graduation data per program. Enrollment and graduation data includes first and second majors.

2013 data provided by the Tufts Office of Institutional Research and Evaluation.

Programs accredited by ABET, Inc. Enrollment by Major1 Graduating Seniors by Major
Biomedical Engineering2 46 12
Chemical Engineering 114 39
Civil Engineering 60 26
Computer Engineering 26 5
Computer Science3 78 18
Electrical Engineering 56 14
Environmental Engineering 22 9
Mechanical Engineering 166 41

1Enrollment data reflects three years.
2Enrollment and graduation data reflect only first majors in Biomedical Engineering.
3Enrollment and graduation data only include students in the BSCS program.