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Combined Degrees

The School of Engineering offers exceptional engineering students the option of pursuing one of two combined degree programs: a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree (B.S.–M.S.) or a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degree (B.S.–M.Eng.).

Tufts undergraduates:

  • Are not required to pay the application fee.
  • Are only required to submit 2 letters of recommendation
  • Are not required to submit GRE scores.

Learn more about how to apply and submit your application through the the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Both bachelor's and master's degrees are awarded only on completion of the entire program; a student may not receive one degree earlier, even if the requirements for that degree have been met. Combined-degree students must pay four years of undergraduate tuition and two semesters of graduate tuition (plus continuation fees as applicable).

Students seeking admission to the program must submit their application by March 1st of their junior year.* Admission to the program requires (1) a minimum cumulative GPA (through the fall semester of the junior year) of 3.60 for the B.S.–M.S. program and 3.20 for the B.S.–M.Eng. program; and (2) acceptance by the department in which the student intends to complete the master's portion of the program.

Combined-degree students are expected to fulfill all the requirements of the bachelor's degree program (thirty-eight credits); of these, two graduate-level credits are allowed to count toward the master's degree requirements as long as they carry the designation of the department in which the master's portion of the combined degree program is to be completed.

Students admitted to the combined B.S.–M.S. program receive summer research support for the summers after their junior and senior years. This summer research support provides salary at the level of research assistants set by the School of Engineering for three summer months. Students may petition to opt out of summer research provided they conduct master's thesis work approved by the student's adviser and department. However, because the B.S.–M.S. program offers reduced tuition in comparison to a traditional M.S. program, additional financial aid is not available.

The School of Engineering B.S.–M.S. combined degree program course distribution form can be downloaded here.

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Every breakthrough presents the next generation with a new set of problems to solve. As imaginative as artists, young engineers stand to turn present challenges into tomorrow's breakthrough ideas. We are inventors and innovators. We improvise as readily as jazz pioneers. We share the same concerns about the future of humankind as poets and political philosophers. The difference is we don't just think about the future. We make it.

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