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Cell and Bioprocess Engineering

The Cell and Bioprocess Engineering track looks at bioprocess design and optimization with emphasis on molecular and cellular processes. Our major educational objective for students is the attainment of core knowledge in both upstream and downstream engineering aspects of modern biotechnology. The core subject areas integrate applied biology, chemical reaction engineering and systems analysis. Topics include enzyme and pathway engineering; fermentation and bioreactors; and cellular systems modeling and analysis.

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Track requirements

In addition to the four core credit requirements, students in this track must also take:

  • CHBE-160 Biochemical Engineering
  • CHBE-161 Biochemical Separations
  • CHBE-166 Cell and Microbe Cultivation
  • CHBE-167 Metabolic & Cell Engineering
  • 2 Elective Credits

Elective Credits in Cell and Bioprocess Engineering

As always, please consult the SIS Student Portal website for exact times and dates of all classes offered below.

Course ID Name Time
CHBE-114 Advanced Transport Phenomena Spring: TR, 4:30-5:45
Bio-152 Biochemistry Spring: M, 9:30-10:20 & TR, 10:30-11:20
CHBE-168 Biotech. Processing Projects Lab Spring: R, 6:00-9:30
CHBE-295/296 Master's Thesis n/a
CHBE-102 Reactor Design Spring: MW, 3:00-4:15
CHBE-163 Recomb. DNA Tech.  

Sample Program

This program assumes an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Bioengineering or related discipline.

Year 1
Fall Spring
BioE291 - Bioengineering Seminar BioE292 - Bioengineering Seminar
*ChBE 160 - Biochemical Engineering BME 162 - Molecular Biotechnology
EE 104 - Probability †ChBE 168 - Biotechnology Processing Laboratory
Year 2
Fall Spring
*ChBE 166 - Cell and Microbe Cultivation *ChBE 161 - Biochemical Separations
*ChBE 167 - Cell and Metabolic Engineering †BIO 152 - Biochemistry
‡CEE 139 - Bioremediation: Natural and Enhanced  

*Track requirement
Track elective
Breadth elective (fulfills core requirement)