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More than 120 alumni, friends,
and colleagues have contributed
$195,473.30 in gifts and pledges as
of September 2016. That brings
the total raised to $382,196.60.

N. Bruce and Lorry Hanes Endowed Fellowship


We have made great strides toward reaching our initial goal of $250,000. To date, more than 120 alums, friends, and colleagues have supported our efforts and contributed a total of $195,473.30 in gifts and pledges. When all the pledges are paid by June 2017, Tufts’ Financial Aid Initiative match will bring our total to $382,196.60.

Our first award recipient was announced at the annual Student and Alumni Awards Dinner on May 14, 2016. Aishwarya "Ash" Venkat, is a master's candidate in the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) program. Venkat is partnering with The Christian Medical College in Vellore, India and using her expertise with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to develop high-resolution crop and pesticide vulnerability maps in the Vellore district.

Professor Hanes

Professor N. Bruce Hanes retired from Tufts in 1992 after 32 years on the CEE faculty, 12 of them as Chair. He was an advocate for environmental engineering education, committed to public and professional service, and an exemplary educator of scores of leaders in environmental engineering and health. But more importantly, we remember Bruce for his personal warmth, generosity, encouragement, and friendliness. Professor Hanes passed away on April 21, 2014.

Ash Venkat is the first recipient of the Hanes Fellowship.
Dave Reckhow, E77, A13P, and Chair Kurt Pennell, A19P, present the inaugural N. Bruce and Lorry Hanes Fellowship to Ash Venkat, EG17.

You may recall how engaged, available, and committed Professor Hanes was to you and to Tufts. Perhaps you participated in the road trips to Purdue, the swimming pool "experiments" in the basement lab in Anderson Hall, the welcome brunches and lunches hosted at his home in Winchester, or had him as a professor or advisor. Or maybe you identify with the importance of financial support and know how hard Professor Hanes worked to find grants and scholarship aid for his students. Professor Hanes' legacy is simple and clear: the most important investment one can make in students is to give them the support to make a difference as both professionals and as people.

In honor of his commitment to students and their growth as professionals and leaders, the department established the N. Bruce and Lorry Hanes Endowed Fellowship Fund in May 2016. The fellowship will be awarded to Master of Science students engaged in Environmental Health Engineering research. The fellowship will preserve Professor Hanes' legacy by focusing on students and honoring his innovative spirit. It will be the first Master of Science Fellowship established in the School of Engineering and will be awarded in perpetuity. The award consists of a three-month summer stipend and a equipment-supply-travel allowance.

Please join with those 120 alumni, friends, and colleagues who have already given and add your name and donation to our growing community of supporters. Donations to the N. Bruce and Lorry Hanes Endowed Fellowship Fund can be made by clicking on the ‘Giving to Tufts' link in the gray box in the upper right corner of this page or by check. Please make your check payable to the Trustees of Tufts College and in the memo space write "N. Bruce and Lorry Hanes Endowed Fellowship Fund".

Mail to:
Ellen Schuette
Associate Director of Development
University Advancement
Tufts School of Engineering
80 George St
Medford, MA 02155

Ellen Schuette, ellen.schuette@tufts.edu, 617-627-0534 is happy to answer any questions about the initiative.

If you would like to share memories or reflect on the positive impact Professor and Mrs. Hanes had on your collegiate or professional life and on the Tufts School of Engineering, please contact Bruce's daughter, Vicki Hanes Siarnacki at bahamabound@gmail.com or Lin Brown at linfield.brown@tufts.edu.

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