Laboratory Research

In the Lantagne Group, we conduct laboratory, field, and policy implementation-based research to reduce the burden of infectious diseases. Our laboratory work is conducted in the Environmental Sustainability Lab, we conduct research to determine the efficacy of interventions and test methods.

Current Laboratory Projects

Applied Research on Disinfection of Hands, Surfaces, and Wastewater to Prevent Ongoing Transmission of Ebola
Sponsor: OFDA
Collaborators: University of Brighton and Partners Healthcare

Accuracy, Precision, Cost, and Acceptability of Silver Testing Methods in Ceramic Filter Manufacturing Facilities
Sponsor: Faculty Research Fund of Tufts University

Monitoring for Safe Water Sodium Thiosulfate Experiment
Sponsor: Aquaya

Relationship between E. coli and Vibrio Cholerae in Source Water, Untreated Household Water, and Treated Household Drinking Water in Haiti
Sponsor: Tufts Institute for Innovation
Co-PI: Natalie Capiro


Murray A and Lantagne D (2015). Accuracy, precision, usability, and cost of free chlorine residual testing methods. J Water Health 13(1), 79-90.

Rayner J, Zhang H, Schubert J, Lennon P, Lantagne D, and Oyanedel-Craver V (2013). Laboratory investigation into the effect of silver applied on the bacteriological removal efficacy of filter material for use on locally-produced ceramic water filters for household drinking water treatment. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 1(7), 737-745.