Gabrielle String

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Lantagne Group
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Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

Tel: 717.422.4337
Fax: 617.627.3994
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PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering


M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Tufts University, 2013
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Clarkson University, 2011

Research interest statement

Gabrielle's area of interest is in monitoring and evaluating drinking-water technologies in developing countries to garner best practices and design ideas that inform future development decisions.

Manuscripts published

G.M. String. "A Post-Implementation Evaluation of Student Executed Clean Water Programs in Ecuador", Proceedings of the Water Environment Federation’s Disinfection and Public Health Conference 2013: Engineers Without Borders Lessons Learned Paper Session, Indianapolis, IN, 26 February (2013)

G.M. String, P.J. Sander, M.M. Maloney, D.M. Matson, "Tufts Outreach to Somerville High School's Engineering Classrooms: A Reflection of Year One", Proceedings of the 2013 ASEE Northeast Section Conference, Northfield VT, 15 March [paper 152], (2013)

Current research projects

UNICEF currently funds Gabrielle on a collaboration involving Water Safety Plans (WSPs) in Afghanistan, India, the DRC, and Ghana. As an evolving tool in water management, WSP implementation has been ad hoc in many countries. The goal is to determine lessons learned from case study experiences to aid in the development of guidance and international-level strategy for UNICEF to assist in creating enabling environments for WSPs globally.

Gabrielle's dissertation research is on characterizing the porous networks of ceramic water filters. Borrowing an imaging technique from geology, she uses 3D scans to develop computer models of the pores. This work aims to inform the manufacturing process of ceramic water filters produced in developing countries.