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Linfield C. Brown
Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Linfield C. Brown is Professor and former Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tufts. He received his BSCE and MS from Tufts, and joined the CEE faculty in 1970, after completing his Ph.D. in Sanitary Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in environmental engineering, including environmental process design and modeling, water chemistry, engineering statistics, hydrology, and industrial waste treatment.

He was Chair of the Tufts Civil and Environmental Engineering Department for 11 years. During that time he was founder and academic director of an innovative multi-disciplinary Masters program in hazardous materials management, and initiated a similar program in environmental science and management. He is co-author of Statistics for Environmental Engineers, a book to help environmental engineers and scientists better understand and design systems for environmental protection through the use of statistics. He is the author of over 50 technical papers and reports, and has worked internationally in Spain, Poland, England, and Hungary on water quality modeling and control. His consulting experience is focused in the areas of environmental statistics and water quality modeling, and includes evaluation of regulatory control strategies. He is a recipient of Tufts' Liebner Award for excellence in teaching and advising.


  • Water quality modeling, QUAL2E
  • Environmental engineering statistics
  • Genetic algorithms, uncertainty analysis

Environmental engineering process design and water quality modeling comprise the research interests of Professor Linfield C. Brown. His research work has covered a broad range of topics in oxygen transfer and reaeration of streams, sampling strategies, flow equalization, and uncertainty analysis in water quality modeling. His most recent research inquiry is in application of genetic algorithms to the complex problems of calibrating water quality models and of multi-response parameter estimation. His consulting experience is focused in the areas of environmental statistics and water quality modeling, and includes evaluation of regulatory criteria for waste load permitting, and international workshops on water quality modeling and control.


  • ES 56 Probability and Statistics in Engineering
  • CEE 11 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • CEE 132 Environmental Engineering Processes

Workshops and Short Courses

Workshops on Water Quality Modeling for TMDLs (with Steve Chapra): EPA Region VII (May 2001), Tufts University (June 2001), and Central New Jersey Branch, ASCE (March 2002), NEIWPCC (2004).

Workshop on Statistics for Environmental Engineers (with P.M. Berthouex): Madison WI (October 2000) and Taipei, Taiwan (March 2003).

Water Quality Modeling Workshop, Continuing Education Centre, Imperial College, London, UK, June 21-22, 1993 and April 24-27, 1994, State of Maine (2006).

QUAL2E Workshop, sponsored by USEPA (with T.O. Barnwell), Madrid, Spain, February 20-21, 1985, Warsaw Poland, May 23 - June 1, 1990, Budapest, Hungry, March 8-12, 1993.