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Linfield C. Brown
Professor Emeritus, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Selected Publications and Reports

Brown, L.C. Draft Documentation and User Manual for QUAL2E Version 5: A Framework for Modeling Water Quality in Rivers and Streams Under Steady Flow Conditions, in progress.

Barnwell, T.O., Jr., L. C. Brown, and R. C. Whittemore (2004) The importance of Field Data in Stream Water Quality Modeling Using QUAL2E-UNCAS", Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 130, No. 6, pp 643-647.

Brown, L. C. "QUAL2E-UNCAS: A Framework for Modeling Uncertainty", presented at the Italy -US Bilateral Workshop on Mathematical Models for Water Quality in Isolated Environments, Venice, Italy, November 15-15, 2002 (invited).

Brown, L.C. (2001) "Modeling Uncertainty with QUAL2E - A Case Study", presented at WEF-TMDL Sciences Conference, St. Louis, MO. March 4-7.

Limbrunner, J. F., R. M. Vogel, and L. C. Brown (2000) "Estimation of the Harmonic Mean of a Log Normal Variable", Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 5, No. 1,pp. 59-66. January.

Mulligan, A.E. and L.C. Brown (1998), "Genetic Algorithms for Calibrating Water Quality Models", Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 124, No. 3, pp 202-211, March.

Brown, L.C. and P.M. Berthouex (1997), "Multiresponse Parameter Estimation of Semivolatile Organic Compounds in an Unsteady Process", Journal of Environmental Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 123, No. 8, pp 767-775, August.

Brown, L.C. (1987) "Uncertainty Analysis in Water Quality Modeling using QUAL2E", in Systems Analysis in Water Quality Management, M.B. Beck, ed. Pergamon Press, London.


Berthouex, P. M. and L. C. Brown (2002) Statistics for Environmental Engineers, 2nd. ed., Lewis Publishers