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Stephen H. Levine
Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Principal Recent Publications

"Modelling the Role of Host Plant Dispersion in the Search Success of Herbivorous Insects: Implications for Ecological Pest Management", S. H. Levine and R. E. Wetzler, Ecological Modelling 89.1-3, pp. 183-196, 1996.

"Products and Ecological Models: A Population Ecology Perspective", S. H. Levine, Journal of Industrial Ecology, 3.2/3.3 , pp. 47-62, 2000.

"Comparing Products and Production in Ecological and Industrial Systems", S. H. Levine, Journal of Industrial Ecology, 7.2, pp. 33-42, 2003.

"A Model for Behavioral Regulation of Metapopulation Dynamics", J. M. Reed and S. H. Levine, Ecological Modelling 183, pp. 411-423, 2005.

"A New Approach to Estimating the Magnitude of Planktonic Larval Mortality Using the Marine Gastropods Crepidula fornica and C. plana", J. A. Pechenik and S. H. Levine, Marine Ecology Progress Series 344, pp. 107-118, 2007.

"A Dynamic Model for Determining the Temporal Distribution of Environmental Burden", S. H. Levine, T. P. Gloria, and E. Romanoff, Journal of Industrial Ecology 11(4), pp. 39-49, 2007.

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"Embodied Resource Flows and Product Flows: Combining the Absorbing Markov Chain with the Input-Output Model", F. Duchin and S. H. Levine, Journal of Industrial Ecology 14(4), pp.586-596, 2010.

"Sectors May Use Multiple Technologies Simultaneously: The Rectangular Choice-of-Technology Model with Binding Factor Constraints", F. Duchin and S. H. Levine, Economic Systems Research, 23(3), pp. 281-302, 2011.

"The Rectangular Sector-by-Technology Model: Not Every Economy Produces Every Product and Some Products May Rely on Several Technologies Simultaneously", F. Duchin and S. H. Levine, Journal of Economic Structures, 1:3, 2012.

"Embodied Resource Flows in a Global Economy: An Approach for Identifying the Critical Links", F. Duchin and S. H. Levine, Journal of Industrial Ecology, 17(1), pp.65-78, 2013.

"Estimation of effectiveness of three methods of feral cat population control by use of a simulation model", McCarthy, R. J., Levine, S. H., and Reed, J. M., Journal of the American Veterinary Medicine Association, 243(4), pp. 502-511, 2013.