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Geosystems Engineering

Research in Geosystems Engineering at Tufts combines experimental, theoretical, and observational methods across topics in geohazards, geoenvironmental and energy sytems, and geomechanics. Faculty conduct research and teach classes in: traditional geotechnical engineering, geohazards engineering with a focus on seismic hazard, the physics of geosystems, and geosystems related to energy.

Programs of Study


Linda Abriola
Groundwater Hydrology; Mathematical Modeling of Multiphase Flow and Reactive Transport in Porous Media
Lab: Integrated MultiPhase Environmental Systems (IMPES)

Laurie Gaskins Baise
Geosystems Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Seismic Mapping
Lab: Geohazards Research

Luis Dorfmann
Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Mathematical Models of Material Behavior, Nonlinear Magneto- and Electromechanical Interactions, Biomechanics of Soft Materials, Rubber Elasticity and Inelasticity.
Lab: Mechanics of Soft Materials Laboratory (MSML)

Lewis Edgers
Geosystems Engineering - Geohazards (Landslides) and Offshore Foundations (Wind Turbines)

Grant Garven
Professor, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Groundwater Geology and Hydrology

John (Jack) T. Germaine
Geotechnical, Laboratory Testing, Automation, Soil Behavior, Physical Properties, Mechanical Properties

Andrew Ramsburg
Innovative Technologies for Site Remediation; Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Subsurface Environment
Lab: Integrated MultiPhase Environmental Systems (IMPES)

Christopher Swan
Environmental Geotechnology, Geotechnical Engineering

Robert Viesca
Applied mathematics and mechanics for geophysical and engineering problems