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Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Research in this area focuses on environmental science, as well as engineering and management aspects of water resources. Faculty conduct research in and teach classes on: environmental/water quality engineering; environmental hydrology and hydraulics; data analysis; environmental field measurements; land-use planning; geomorphology; hydrogeology; systems engineering; environmental economics; and water resources management.

Programs of Study


Linda Abriola
Groundwater Hydrology; Mathematical Modeling of Multiphase Flow and Reactive Transport in Porous Media
Lab: Integrated MultiPhase Environmental Systems (IMPES)

Natalie Capiro
Environmental biotechnology and bioremediation applications, fate and transport of persistent organic groundwater contaminants
Lab: Integrated MultiPhase Environmental Systems (IMPES)

Steven Chapra
Water Quality Modeling, Numerical Methods, Advanced Computer Applications in Environmental Engineering

Wayne Chudyk
Drinking Water Quality and Toxic Materials, Groundwater Monitoring

John Durant
Environmental Engineering, Fate and Transport of Pollutants in Surface Water and Air

Grant Garven
Professor, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Groundwater Geology and Hydrology

Shafiqul Islam
Water Diplomacy, Hydroclimatology, Hydroepidemiology, Remote Sening, Climate Change
Lab: Water and Environmental Research, Education, and Actionable Solutions Network (WeREASoN)

Stephen H. Levine
Environmental, Ecological, and Economic Systems Modeling

Kurt Pennell
Groundwater Remediation Technologies, Fate and Transport of Emerging Contaminants, Neurotoxicity of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Engineered Nanomaterials

Lab: Integrated MultiPhase Environmental Systems (IMPES)

Andrew Ramsburg
Innovative Technologies for Site Remediation; Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Subsurface Environment

Lab: Integrated MultiPhase Environmental Systems (IMPES)

Richard Vogel
Water Resources, Hydrology, Hydraulics and Environmental Statistics