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Seminar Series - Archives

Fall 2012

CEE-292 EWRE/EH Seminar

Tuesday 3:00-4:00
112 Anderson Hall (Nelson Auditorium), Tufts University, Medford, MA
Organizers: Prof. Steven Chapra

September 11 Professor Steven Chapra, Associate Professor Wayne Chudyk, Associate Professor John Durant, Associate Professor David Gute
Tufts University EWRE / EH Faculty
September 18 Associate Professor Stephen Levine, Lecturer Anne Marie Desmarais, Assistant Professor Daniele Lantagne, Research Assistant Professor Yonggang Wang, Luz Padro-Martinez
Tufts University EWRE/EH Faculty
September 25 Research Assistant Professor Natalie Capiro, Associate Professor Andrew Ramsburg, Professor and Chair Kurt Pennell, Professor Elena Naumova, Senior Lecturer Mark Woodin
Tufts University EWRE/EH Faculty
October 2 Stephanie Galaitsis and Jessica Morrison: "Running Dry in Aida Camp: A Water Quality Assessment in a Palestinian Refugee Camp"
October 9 Columbus Day â€" No Seminar
October 16 Sharmila Murthy, Research Fellow
Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard University
"The Human Right to Water and Sanitation"
October 23 Vinka Craver, Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Rhode Island
"Enhancement of the Pathogen Removal Performance in Ceramic Water Filters: Laboratory and Field Studies"
October 30 Ken Strzepek, Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder
"A Hybrid Approach to Quantifying the climate-change risks to the Water Resources Development in the Zambezi River Basin and Economic Development in Mozambique"
November 6 Amir Taghavy: "Modeling the Coupled Transport and Dissolution of Silver Nanoparticles in Porous Media"

Ali Boroumand: "An Upscaled Approach to Simulate Rate Limited Tracer Partitioning in DNAPL Source Zones"
November 13 Sandeep Sathyamoorthy: "Evaluating Pharmaceutical Degradation and Sorption during Biological Wastewater Treatment"
November 20 Thanksgiving - No Seminar
November 27 Peter Shanahan, Senior Lecturer
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Storm Drain Sociology: Contamination Patterns in Singapore's Drains"
December 4 Miriam Aschkenasy, MD, Instructor
Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
"Water and Sanitation in the Emergency Context"