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Undergraduate Program



CEE internship programs provide juniors, seniors, and in some cases sophomores with the opportunity to apply various types of knowledge and skills in a field-based situation. Two internship programs are available: internships for academic credit and internships that award transcript notation but no academic credit. Each year a number of CEE majors find highly satisfying internships in industry and government service.

Students granted internships for academic credit must register for CEE-99 and have a faculty advisor on campus and professional-level supervision at their workplace. They must also complete and submit an internship agreement at the time they register for the course. A minimum of twelve hours work each week or 150 hours for the semester is required, and only two one-credit internships are normally accepted toward a degree. Students may develop their own field-placement programs. However, all new proposals must be submitted to the department for approval.

Visit the Student Life website for more internship information.