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Undergraduate Program

BS: Bachelor of Science (No Major)

Degree sheet (pdf)
(required for graduation)

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Andrew Ramsburg

The program leading to the bachelor of science degree consists of thirty-six credits. A minimum of eighteen of these credits must be in engineering and in those departments that provide foundation courses in the accredited programs. This group must include Mathematics 11 and 12 and eight credits in engineering or engineering science. A minimum of six of the remaining credits must be in the humanities and/or arts, and social sciences. Students in the program choose their adviser from the faculty of the School of Engineering. Each student, through his or her adviser, must submit for approval a proposed program of study to a committee consisting of the deans and the chairs of the various engineering departments.

No major is associated with this degree.

This curriculum is not accredited by the professional engineering societies (ABET) but offers the student an engineering program that departs somewhat from the traditional concentration requirements in civil and environmental engineering.