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Academic Year 2016-2017

For most up-to-date news from Asatekin lab, check out Prof. Asatekin's Twitter feed @AyseAsatekin

  • Grace's work as a Summer Scholar was highlighted on the Tufts School of Engineering website. Read the article for an insider's look into her project. – September 2016
  • A new review article by Asatekin lab on "Responsive filtration membranes by polymer self-assembly" is accepted for publication in Technology . – September 2016
  • Prof. Asatekin was named John A. and Dorothy M. Adams Faculty Development Assistant Professor. – September 2016
  • Papatya was selected for a late-breaking oral presentation at this year's Gordon Research Conference on Membranes: Materials and Processes in New London, NH, and did a great job. Prof. Asatekin also presented the group's work in a poster. – August 2016
  • Papatya presented her work at this year's Gordon Research Seminar on Membranes: Materials and Processes . – July 2016
  • William Lind defended his M.S. thesis, and is now the Master of Science! He is headed to new horizons at Navigant Energy. Congratulations Will, we will miss you! – July 2016
  • Prof. Asatekin gave a seminar on "Membranes with functional nanopores from the assembly of random copolymer micelles" at Harvard University's Squishy Physics Seminar Series. – July 2016
  • Ilin won 3rd Place at the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) Poster Competition in her area. Congratulations Ilin! – June 2016
  • Prity was selected on site for an oral presentation at NAMS. Her talk was titled 'Self-assembly and ionic strength response of random zwitterionic copolymer membranes.' Congratulations Prity! – June 2016
  • Asatekin Lab shared their most recent results at this year's NAMS Annual Meeting in Seattle with two oral presentations and three posters. Prof. Asatekin gave a talk titled 'Zwitterion-containing polymer additives for fouling resistant ultrafilration membranes: choosing the right chemistry and architecture.' Prity presented two posters titled 'Novel amphiphilic zwitterionic copolymer membranes of ~ 1nm pore size for wastewater treatment and reuse' and 'Effect of chemical structure on permeability and fouling resistance of self-assembling zwitterionic copolymers.' Ilin presented a poster titled 'Charged nanopore membranes by amphiphilic random copolymer micelle assembly.' – June 2016
  • Prof. Asatekin helped organize the poster session and the Student Workshop at NAMS. – June 2016

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