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Academic Year 2012-2013

Spring Semester 2013:

  • Akash Mittal, Phillip Weiner, and Vinny Wang join our lab to conduct research over the summer. They will take part in making and testing novel membranes, and building test equipment. Welcome Akash, Phil and Vinny! - June 2013
  • Tim Kou wins the NSF Student Travel Scholarship to attend the 17th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference, held by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Congratulations Tim! - June 2013
  • Susan Colt graduates with a BS/ME degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering, and moves on to her exciting job at Millipore. Congratulations Susan! - May 2013
  • Yangming (Tim) Kou joins our lab to conduct research on synthesizing new membrane materials over the summer. Welcome Tim! - May 2013
  • Dr. Chiara Vannucci joins Asatekin lab. She will focus on developing membranes for separating organic compounds based on chemical structure. - April 2013
  • Phenom tabletop SEM operational in Asatekin lab! - April 2013
  • Prof. Asatekin participates in Nano Days at the Museum of Science, and shares a demo on how copolymers self-assemble to form nanopatterns. - April 2013

Fall Semester 2012:

  • Prof. Asatekin featured in an article released by Tufts University School of Engineering. - February 2013
  • Ayse Asatekin presents a talk titled "Polymeric Nanopore Membranes for Hydrophobicity-Based Separations by Conformal Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition´┐Ż at a special workshop titled Selective transport through biological and bio-mimetic nano-channels: mathematical modeling meets experiments at the Bannf International Research Station, Banff, Canada. View a video of her talk >  - January 2013
  • Prity Bengani joins Asatekin lab. She will be coadvised by Prof. Kyong Lee, and will focus on endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in water, methods of removing them using membranes, and their effect on human health. Welcome Prity! - January
  • Susan Colt joins Asatekin lab to conduct a research project as part of her ME degree. Welcome Susan! - January
  • Ayse Asatekin joins Tufts University - September 2012