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Academic Year 2013-2014

Spring Semester 2014

  • Prof. Asatekin received the Best Professor Award, chosen by the graduating class of 2014 in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department. Thank you class of 2014, and best of luck! – May 2014
  • Mollie Chipman joins our lab to conduct research on how solute charge affects the selectivity of amphiphilic copolymer membranes. Welcome Mollie! – May 2014
  • Akash has accepted a summer internship at Oasys Water. Congratulations, Akash! – May 2014
  • Lily has accepted a summer internship at DSM Nutritional Products. Congratulations, Lily! – May 2014
  • Prity wins 1st place at Tufts Graduate Research Symposium in the 10-minute presentation category for her presentation titled "Fouling-resistant zwitterionic copolymer membranes for nanofiltration application". Congratulations Prity! – April 2014
  • Tim is selected as one of 2014 Summer Scholars, a competitive program that supports a summer of full-time research for undergraduate students. He will be working on studying the effect of feed salinity on the performance of the novel zwitterionic membranes developed in our lab. Congratulations Tim! – April 2014
  • Daniel has accepted a summer internship at the new Aramco Research Center in Cambridge, MA. Congratulations Daniel! – April 2014
  • Diana has accepted a summer internship at Parker Hannifin Chromerics Division. Congratulations Diana! – April 2014
  • Lily Corcoran joins our lab to conduct research on fouling resistance of zwitterionic nanofiltration membranes this semester. Welcome Lily! – January 2014
  • Akash, Tim, Daniel and Diana return to our lab this semester. Diana and Daniel will continue their projects from last semester. Akash will synthesize new zwitterionic polymers, and Tim will study how zwitterion containing membranes respond to changes in ionic strength. Welcome back! – January 2014

Fall Semester 2013:

  • Papatya Kaner joins Asatekin lab. She will work on developing fouling resistant membranes for wastewater treatment and other separations that respond to external stimuli such as ionic strength and temperature. Welcome Papatya! – December 2013
  • Ilin Sadeghi joins Asatekin lab. She will study the transport of small molecules through self-assembled charged and functional nanochannels, and develop membranes that can perform difficult separations in an energy efficient manner. Welcome Ilin! – December 2013
  • Chiara presents a poster titled "Enhancing the selectivity of polymeric nanofiltration membrane through H-bond interactions" at the Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting in Boston, MA. – December 2013
  • Prof. Asatekin gives a series of seminars at universities in Turkey: Middle East Technical University, Sabanci University, and Koc University. – November 2013
  • Prof. Asatekin presents a talk titled "Size-selective nanofiltration membranes with amphiphilic zwitterionic polymer selective layers" at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Annual Meeting at San Francisco, CA. – November 2013
  • Patent application titled "Zwitterion Containing Membranes" submitted. Short description of this technology > – September 2013

Summer 2013

  • Diana Dzerovych, Lindsey Walker and Daniel Harrigan join our lab to conduct research during the semester. Diana will start a collaborative project with Prof. Yi to develop membranes that combine filtration with catalytic removal of toxic compounds. Lindsey will study the formation of membranes with charged nanochannels by chemical etching of self-assembled polymers. Daniel will study how the charge of small molecules affect their permeation rate through self-assembled polymers. Welcome Diana, Lindsey and Daniel! – August 2013
  • Tim and Akash return to our lab this semester. Akash will study the effective pore size of zwitterionic membranes by measuring dye rejection. Tim will focus on the synthesis of temperature responsive polymers for self-cleaning membranes. Welcome back! – August 2013