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Academic Year 2014-2015

Spring 2015

  • Do has accepted a summer internship at Zenpure. Congratulations Do! – May 2015
  • Jacob Kronenberg joins our lab, to study membranes that can separate solutes based on charge. Welcome Jacob! – May 2015
  • Emil returns to our lab, this time to work on new membranes for fracking wastewater filtration with Papatya over the summer. His research is funded by the Tufts Institute for the Environment (TIE) Fellowship. Welcome back Emil! – May 2015
  • Prity receives an award for "Outstanding Graduate Student Contribution to Undergraduate Education" from Tufts University. Congratulations Prity! – April 2015
  • Papatya was awarded the NAMS Euromembrane Travel Award to present her work at Euromembrane 2015 meeting in Aachen, Germany. Congratulations Papatya!
  • Dr. Asatekin is featured in Tufts Research News! Read the article. – February 2015
  • Do Hyun Kim joins our lab to study membranes made from blends of common polymers with zwitterionic copolymers. Welcome Do! – January 2015
  • Emil Rubakh joins our lab to conduct research on the diffusion rates of solutes in self-assembling copolymers. Welcome Emil! – January 2015

Fall Semester 2014

  • Prity presented her research at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston in a talk titled "Fouling resistant, high flux membranes using self-assembling zwitterionic copolymers" – December 2014
  • Sefika Ozcan, a Ph.D. candidate at the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey, joins our group as a visiting student. She will start a new collaborative project with Prof. Peggy Cebe in the Department of Physics on electrospinning zwitterion-containing polymers. Welcome Sefika! – December 2014
  • William Lind, an M.S. student, joins our lab. He will study how we can tune the pore size of novel zwitterionic membranes our lab invented. Welcome Will! – December 2014
  • Prity presented her research at the AICHE Fall Meeting in Atlanta in a talk titled "Fouling resistant, high flux membranes with ~1 nm effective pore size by zwitterionic copolymer self-assembly" – November 2014
  • Dr. Asatekin is featured on Tufts Now, the Tufts homepage, and Phys.org. Read the article here! – October 2014
  • Jeff Stich and Colleen Golja join our lab to conduct research. Jeff will study how diffusion of solute molecules in self-assembling copolymers changes with temperature and ionic strength. Colleen will work on preparing membranes from blends with zwitterionic polymers. Welcome Jeff and Colleen! – September 2014

Summer 2014

  • We are awarded a grant by the NSF Environmental Engineering and Chemical and Biological Separations programs on "Fouling resistant ultrafiltration membranes: Effect of additive polymer architecture"! – July 2014
  • We are awarded a Tufts Collaborates grant to develop Novel photo-responsive water filtration membranes with Prof. Sam Thomas' group in Chemistry! – July 2014
  • Prof. Asatekin presents a poster on " Zwitterionic copolymer self-assembly for fouling resistant membranes with ~1 nm pores " at the Gordon Research Conference on Membranes in New Londin, NH. – July 2014
  • Prof. Asatekin presents a talk titled "Self-assembled zwitterionic copolymers as selective layers for high flux, size-selective membranes" at the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) Meeting in Houston, TX. – June 2014
  • Jacquelyn Mwagwu joins our lab to conduct research on the diffusion of charged and uncharged solutes through membranes with charged nanochannels. Welcome Jackie! – June 2014