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Academic Year 2015-2016

Spring Semester 2016

  • Congratulations to Tufts ChBE class of 2016, including many Asatekin lab members: Shira, Do, Tim, Eli, and Lily. - May 2016
  • Tim defended his Senior Honors Thesis with great success, and graduated at the top of his class. He is headed to the University of Minnesota for a Ph.D. Good luck, Tim! We will miss you! - May 2016
  • Our new cross-flow membrane testing system is in action! - May 2016
  • Congratulations to Ilin for a very successful thesis proposal! - May 2016
  • Congratulations to Papatya for successfully completing her thesis proposal! - April 2016
  • Grace Aro is selected as one of the 2016 Summer Scholars. She will be studying surface water treatment through novel membranes developed in our lab. Congrats Grace! - April 2016
  • Prity is selected as one of the 2016 Tufts Institute of the Environment fellowship recipients. Congratulations Prity - April 2016
  • Mitch Saeger defended his M.S. thesis with great success, and is headed to greener pastures at EMD Millipore. Congratulations Mitch! We will miss you! - April 2016
  • Prof. Asatekin received one of this year's NSF CAREER Awards! - April 2016
  • Prof. Asatekin received Turkish American Scientists and Scholars Association (TASSA) Young Scholar Award, and delivered a Ted-style talk at the annual conference. - April 2016
  • Prity was invited for an oral talk at UConn SPE student seminar series. Congratulations Prity! - March 2016
  • Prity received an Honorable Mention for her poster at MIT Polymer Day. Congratulations Prity! - March 2016
  • Ilin received the Elias Klein Founders' Travel Award to attend NAMS 2016 Annual Meeting. Congratulations Ilin! - February 2016
  • Prof. Asatekin gave a talk and presented a poster at MRS in Boston. - Dec 2015
  • Prof. Asatekin gave three oral presentations at AICHE in Utah. The talks were titled 'Nanoconfinement and chemical structure effects on permeation selectivity of self-assembling graft copolymers,' 'Novel photoresponsive water filtration membranes' and 'Charged nanopore membranes by random copolymer micelle assembly.' - Nov 2015
  • Congratulations to Prity for a successful 4th year departmental seminar at Tufts! - Oct 2015

Fall Semester 2015

  • Papatya gives an oral presentation titled "Novel Photoresponsive Water Filtration Membranes" at the Euromembrane 2015 Conference in Aachen, Germany. - September 2015
  • Elisha Converse joins Asatekin lab, to study membranes made with copolymers with various zwitterions. Welcome Eli! - September 2015
  • Elijah Martin joins Asatekin lab, to study pore size tuning of zwitterionic membranes. Welcome Elijah! - September 2015
  • Tim returns to Asatekin lab, to start his Senior Honors Thesis in ChBE on the ionic strength response of zwitterionic membranes. Welcome back Tim! - September 2015

Summer 2015

  • Chiara is moving onto new horizons… We'll miss you Chiara. Thank you for everything you did, and best of luck for a bright future! - August 2015
  • Prof. Asatekin is now on Twitter! Follow her on @AyseAsatekin. - August 2015
  • Ilin presented a poster at the ACS Fall Meeting in Boston titled "Amphiphilic random copolymers with charged groups as membrane selective layers" - August 2015
  • Prity presented her research at the ACS Fall Meeting in Boston in a talk titled "Self-assembly of zwitterionic copolymers for fouling resistant, high flux membranes with ~1 nm effective pore size" - August 2015
  • Chiara's new paper, in collaboration with Dr. Ikuo Taniguchi at Kyushu University, Japan, is published in ACS Macro letters! You can find the article, titled "Nanoconfinement and chemical structure effects on permeation selectivity of self-assembling graft copolymers" - July 2015
  • Prity and Tim's new paper, "Zwitterionic Copolymer Self-Assembly for Fouling Resistant, High Flux Membranes with Size-Based Small Molecule Selectivity" is published in the Journal of Membrane Science! - June 2015
  • Asatekin lab is well-represented at North American Membrane Society (NAMS) National Meeting in Boston! Prity presented a poster at the NAMS Meeting in Boston titled "Fouling Resistant, High Flux Membranes with ~1nm Effective Pore Size By Zwitterionic Copolymer Self-Assembly". Ilin presented a poster titled "Amphiphilic Random Copolymers with Charged Groups As Membrane Selective Layers". Sefika presented a poster titled "Electrospun Membranes from Zwitterionic Copolymers" on a collaborative project with Prof. Peggy Cebe in the Department of Physics. And Papatya presented a poster titled "Novel Photoresponsive Water Filtration Membranes" on our collaborative work with Prof. Sam Thomas's group in Chemistry. Congratulations to all of you! - June 2015
  • Prof. Asatekin is helping organize various student events at the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) Meeting in Boston. She is organizing Lunch With Legends, which gives an opportunity for students to meet the legends of membrane science. She is a moderator for the Student Workshop, which gives students an opportunity to learn about various career tracks. She is also co-chairing the poster session. - June 2015
  • Massachusetts Clean Energy Council (MassCEC) awards a Catalyst Grant to Asatekin lab to develop and test membrane prototypes for industrial wastewater treatment! See the press release - June 2015
  • Sefika is leaving our group, to return to Turkey and continue her Ph.D. work. We will miss you Sefika. Good luck! - June 2015

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