Research Projects

Flexible Energy Storage Devices

Project Goal: Developing Next-Generation Thin Film Supercapacitors and Batteries

  • Designing new forms of flexible solid electrolytes (ionogels) based on room-temperature molten salts (ionic liquids)
  • Using innovative, low-energy, solution-phase deposition techniques to fabricate devices
  • Integrating electrochemical energy storage devices onto flexible substrates

Solution-Processed Photovoltaics

Project Goal: Utilizing Water-Based Deposition of Metal Oxide Semiconductors

  • Correlating electrodeposition bath chemistry with resultant semiconductor thin film optoelectronic properties and device performance
  • Identifying chemical impurities in solution-deposited films
  • Creating solution-deposited metal oxide p-n junctions featuring abundant and non-toxic materials

Focus on Green Materials

Project Goal: Enhancing "Green" Credibility of Ionic Liquid-Based Materials

  • Developing processes for recycling ionogel electrolytes
  • Advancing the use of environmentally-benign alternatives to traditional technologies
  • Emphasizing sustainable energy applications