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Graduate Program

Doctoral Programs

Chemical Engineering, Ph.D.: 1st Year
Course Course Name Brief Description
ChBE 201 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Mathematical analysis of heat, mass, and momentum transfer. Problems of industrial and biological interest.
ChBE 203 Advanced Thermodymanics Advanced thermodynamics as applied to chemical and biological engineering. Statistical mechanics, chemical equilibrium, and computation of vapor-liquid equilibrium compositions for chemical and biological engineering applications.
ChBE 202 Advanced Kinetics and Reaction Engineering Application of chemical kinetics to the development and improvement of industrial processes; theories of chemical kinetics, complex kinetics, chain reactions; isothermal and polytropic reactor stability; stability criteria; oscillatory catalytic and non-catalytic reactions.
ChBE 204 Advanced Transport Phenomena Heat, mass, and momentum. Emphasis on coupling transport processes with chemical reaction in chemical and biological engineering.
Biotechnology, Ph.D.: 1st Year
Course Course Name Brief Description
ChBE 160 Biochemical Engineering Thermodynamics of biological reactions; principles of fermentation processes; chemical engineering applications to bioreactor analysis.
ChBE 167 or 193 Metabolic & Cellular Engineering or Special Topics: Synthetic Biology Systems-oriented approach to the problem of remodeling and reconfiguring the many molecular components of the cell in order to achieve a desirable phenotype. Metabolism, protein synthesis, regulation of gene expression. // Special topics in synthetic biology.
ChBE 161 Protein Purification Methods of purifying proteins at a large scale for therapeutic or industrial uses.
ChBE 166 Principles of Cell and Microbe Cultivation In-depth examination of microbial and mammalian cell cultivation and concomitant production of commercially important products.

Other requirements for the Ph.D. program include:

  • Additional electives that emphasize individual research themes
  • Qualifying exam that requires:
    • 3.25 GPA in core classes (listed above)
    • Oral critique of a current research article
    • Research progress report with oral presentation
  • 1-3 teaching assistant assignments
  • Attendance and participation in the Departmental Seminar Series
  • Research committee meetings and thesis defense

** Additional program details are provided in the Graduate Handbook