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ChBE in the News

ChBE Undergraduates Embrace Summer Research Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that five ChBE undergraduate students will remain at Tufts over the summer to work in research labs.

Three students were chosen by the university to be Summer Scholars. James Ryan, Jared Nash, and Jay Stotsky. James will be working with Professor Mari Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, and Jared will work with Professor Matthew Panzer. Jay's research will be in the Math Department.

In addition, the department was able to provide two students with summer research opportunities. Jacqueline Judith and James Kammert will be departmental summer scholars, thanks to two generous donors. Jacqueline's research with Professor Kyongbum Lee is being funded through a gift from Stanley Charm for undergraduate research, while James' work with Professor Stephanopoulos is through the Haber Energy Sustainability endowed chair.

We're proud of our undergraduates and this opportunity for them to have research experience.