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Hyunmin Yi
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Curriculum Chair, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering


2003 Ph.D. University of Maryland
1998 M.S. Seoul National University
1996 B.S. Seoul National University

Research Interests

Nanobiofabrication, Biosensing, Smart Biomaterials
Professor Hyunmin Yi's general research interests are in understanding and exploiting selective and programmable properties of biological materials and interactions for controlled fabrication of functional materials at micro and nano scales (nanobiofabrication) such as multifunctional biosensors, biophotonic devices and precious metal nanocatalysts for biomedical, environmental and biotechnology applications.

Nanobiofabrication with Genetically Modified Viral Nanotemplates
Professor Yi's group has developed efficient synthesis routes for small (1-2nm) palladium, platinum and silver nanoparticles via spontaneous reduction with genetically modified tobacco mosaic viruses (TMV) as biologically derived nanotubular templates. These biotemplated nanoparticles exhibit very high catalytic activity and stability for a range of catalytic reactions in environmental and chemical synthesis applications. Combining various characterization techniques (e.g. SAXS, AFM, hrTEM, XPS, ICP), robust assembly schemes and reaction kinetics studies, his group aims to gain deep understanding of nanoparticle formation mechanisms, nanocatalyst synthesis-structure-reactivity relationships and selective reaction pathways.

Biofabrication of Biosensing Platforms with Smart Biomaterials
Professor Yi's group develops facile fabrication-conjugation strategies for multifunctional hydrogel microparticles by integrating robust soft-lithographic micromolding techniques, smart biomacro/supramolecules and bioorthogonal conjugation chemistries. Specifically, his group utilizes a simple and robust replica molding technique to fabricate highly monodisperse and shape-controlled biopolymeric-synthetic hydrogel microparticles that possess unique core-shell structures and abundant primary amine functionality rising from the naturally derived polysaccharide chitosan. In-depth conjugation kinetics studies are being carried out on biomolecular conjugation reactions between these hybrid hydrogel microparticles and functionalized proteins via bioorthogonal chemistries such as strain-promoted cycloalkyne-azide (SPAAC) reaction toward rapid protein sensing and bioprocess monitoring applications. TMV templates drastically enhance the biomolecular probe density by serving as a nanobiotemplate with a robust structure, controlled dimensions and precisely spaced chemical functionalities for programmable conjugation and assembly.


Prof. Erik Demaine (MIT)
Prof. Patrick Doyle (MIT)
Dr. Byeongdu Lee (Argonne National Laboratory)
Prof. Changsoo Lee (Chungnam National University)
Prof. Diane Souvaine (Tufts University)
Prof. Jin Ryoun Kim (NYU Poly)
Prof. Chang Y. Ryu (RPI)
Prof. Xing Wang (RPI)
Prof. Seongkyu Yoon (UMass Lowell)

Graduate Students (Undergraduate Institution)
Eric Liu (CalTech)
Subhash Kalidindi (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, University of Toledo)
Maurice Bukenya (Tufts University)
Yujin Zhu (Fuzhou University)

Undergraduate Students
Marina Rueda Garcia
Amal Omar
Jordyn Rocca
Jiahe Zhang

Group Alumni (Currently at)
Michael Decortin (UPenn)
Ian Park (RPI)
Sukwon Jung, Ph.D. 2015 (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Yader Dueñas, M.S. 2015 (Bristol Myers Squibb)
Dr. Eunae Kang (Postech)
Lauren Tice (Worchester Polytechnic Institute)
John Abel (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Chang-Hyunng Choi (Harvard University)
Heon-Ho Jeong (Chungnam National University)
Cuixian Yang, Ph.D. 2013 (MIT)
Jung Hyeon Kim (Visiting Faculty, University of Seoul)
JaeHun Lee (CJ Corporation)
Porakrit "Leo" Leophairatana (Columbia University)
John Abel (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Leah Ferrara (Cornell University)
Jennifer Rego, Ph.D. 2012 (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
Cheryl Goldwasser, M.S. 2007 (Reckitt Benckiser)
Nicholas Horelik, Undergraduate (MIT)
Christina L. Lewis, Ph.D. 2011 (Natick Soldier RD&E Center)
Amy K. Manocchi, Ph.D. 2011 (Army Research Laboratory, MD)
Jeannette Mirian Diop, Undergraduate (Northwestern University)
Peter St. John, Undergraduate (University of California, Santa Barbara)
JiHae Sohn, M.S. 2011 (Semprus Biosciences)
Fukuko Ayama, Undergraduate (Merrill Lynch, Tokyo)
Doreen K. Burchell, Undergraduate (Sun Catalytix)
Anh T. Dinh, Undergraduate (Boston University)
Justin Park, Undergraduate (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Nina DeBritto, Undergraduate
Russell Hyatt, Undergraduate
Andrew Rosen (Tufts)
Sandro Renteria-Garcia (Tufts)


ChBE 23 Rate Controlled Separations in Chemical and Biological Engineering
ChBE 45 Chemical and Biological Separations
ChBE161 Protein Purification
ChBE168 Biotechnology Process Projects Laboratory
ChBE193 Current Topics in Nanobiotechnology
ES10 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering


2013 KIChE President's Young Investigator Award
2008 Mellon Foundation Faculty Research Fellowship
2008 Best Professor Award, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University
2008, 2006 Tufts University Faculty Research Awards Committee