Computing Software Request

Please email software requests to Bidiak Amana and include the following information:

  • Requestor Contact Information
  • Class Information
  • Software Title and version
  • Special Instructions if applicable

Licensing and media must be legal copies and must be supplied to the EPDC for installation. Otherwise software will not be installed and/or supported. 

The table below lists the software available in the four SoE computer laboratories, as well as if there is a student version avaialble.

Program Version EPDC CAD Lab Blake Lab Anderson 318 Virtual Lab Student Version
3D Studio Max 2018 x x   Free
Abaqus 6.14-1 x x x x Free
Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 x x x   Yes
ANSYS 17.2 x x x x   Free
ArcGIS for Desktop 10.5.1 x x x x   Free
AspenOne v9 x       x No
Autocad 2018 x x x x   Free
Biowin 5.00         x No
CATT-Acoustic 9.1 x   x   x No
Comsol 5.3 x x x x   Free
CSI Bridge v2016 x x   x x Yes
Design Expert 10.00  x  x  x x Yes
Firefox 45.01 x x x x x Free
GeoStudio 2016 x x   x x Free
Google Chrome 66.30 x x x x Free
HEC-HMS 4.2.1 x x       Free
HEC-RAS 5.0.3 x x       Free
HEC-ResPRM 1.00 x x       Free
IDL and ENVI 8.5/5.4 x x   x   No
Inventor 2018 x x x x   Free
LINGO 15.00   x       Free
Mathcad/MathCAD Prime 15.00/4.0 x x x x x Yes
Mathematica 11.0  x x  x Free
Matlab R2017A x x x x x Free
Microsoft Office 2016 x x x x x Free
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 x x x x   Yes
Minitab 18 x       x  
National Instruments Labview 2017 x x x x x Yes
Pharos Pay for Print 8.40 x x  x  x   Free
Plaxis 2D 2016.1 x x    x Free Demo
R for Windows 3.4.1 x x x   Free
Revit 2018 x x  x   Free
Sap2000 18 x x   x x Yes
SAS 9.40 x x  x x   Free
Sigmaplot 13.00 x x x  x Free
Sketchup 2017 x  x x   Free
Solidworks 2017 sp4 x   x   x Yes
STANMOD 2.08   x     x Free
Super Pro Designer 8.50  x       x Trial Version
VLC Media Player 2.26 x x x x   Free
Xara Designer Pro X10 10.10 x   x     Free


Last Updated: 2017-10-13