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As part of Tufts Department of Mechanical Engineering, you will have the opportunity to solve problems in Thermo-Fluid Systems (improving airplane flight, imaging how bacteria swim, or modeling blood flow in our bodies), in Material Mechanics and Processing (developing new smart materials by assembling atoms or improving energy storage), in Robotics, Autonomous, and Aerospace Systems (enhancing navigation performance to improving assistive robotics) and in Product Design and Human Factors (developing new educational technologies, medical technologies, and musical instruments).

Click through these pages to get a greater understanding of what we research, what we teach, who we are, and how to contact and visit us. Please email us at MEinfo@tufts.edu with any questions you might have. We look forward to working on mechanical engineering problems together with you.

Research Areas

> Thermo-Fluid Systems

> Material Mechanics and Processing

> Robotic, Autonomous, and Aerospace Systems

> Product Design and Human Factors

ME News and Events

Tufts Racing competes in the 2016 Formula Hybrid Competition

Zenyuk Researches Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Black, E16, Wins One of Two NCAA Scholarships

Alumna Zimmerman, E09, Wins in Health & Life Sciences Track

Buechler Receives Goldwater Honorable Mention

Kemmerling Talks 3D Modeling and Mechanics in
The Conversation

Track star Mitchell Black, E16, wins third NCAA crown

Wendell Named 2016 PECASE Winner

Messner Speaks to Metro About Driverless Trains

Messner Speaks to CCTV About Hybrid Technology

Rife and Misra Awarded Grant for Characterizing GBAS Performance

Sokolov and Dokukin Expand AFM Capabilities for Soft Materials

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Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degrees:
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
B.S. in Human Factors Engineering (Engineering Psychology)

Graduate Degrees:
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
M.S. in Human Factors
M.S./M.Eng. in Bioengineering
M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Certificate Programs:
Manufacturing Engineering
Human-Computer Interaction

Vinny's One Stop Shop

Help us honor Vincent J. Miraglia's 40 years at Tufts by making your contribution to Vinny's One Stop Shop, a reimaging of the machine shop in Bray Laboratories.

Vinny's One Stop Shop