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Archives: Fall 2010 Schedule

All courses and descriptions can be found at Student Services.

EN 0010-ME Simple Robotics Ethan Danahy (Chris Rogers) G+M M 1:30-2:45
EN 0010-LME Lab-Prototyping Home Robots Ethan Danahy (Chris Rogers) G+W W 1:30-2:45
EN 0015-ME Usability Engineering Ryan Kilgore K+W W 4:30-5:45
ENP 0061-ME Intro. To Human Factors & Ergonomics Dan Hannon E+ MW 10:30-11:45
ENP 0162-ME Man-Machine System Design Human Factors-Core A Caroline Cao 11+ T 6:00-8:45
ES 0008-AME Fluid Mechanics Behrouz Abedian E+ MW 10:30-11:45
ES 0008-BME Fluid Mechanics Peter Wong F TRF 12:00-12:50
ES 0008-CME Fluid Mechanics Behrouz Abedian D M 9:30-10:20, TR 10:30-11:20
ES 0073-ME Musical Instrument Design Chris Rogers D M 9:30-10:20, TR 10:30-11:20
ES 0101-ME Numerical Methods Vin Manno K+ MW 4:30-5:45
ME 0025-01 Engineering Materials Luisa Chiesa D+ TR 10:30-11:45
ME 0025-02 Engineering Materials Doug Matson E+ MW 10:30-11:45
ME 0037-01 Dynamics and Vibrations Mark Kachanov F+ TR 12:00-1:15
ME 0037-02 Dynamics and Vibrations Jason Rife C TWF 9:30-10:20
ME 0042-01 Machine Design II Doug Matson D+ TR 10:30-11:45
ME 0042-02 Machine Design II Gary Leisk I+ MW 3:00-4:15
ME 0043-01 Senior Design Projects Tom James D+ TR 10:30-11:45
ME 0043-02 Senior Design Projects Gary Leisk E+ MW 10:30-11:45
ME 0084-01 Introduction to Robotics Chris Rogers H+ TR 1:30-2:45
ME 0094-01 Undergraduate Research Rob Hannemann    
ME 0096-01 Thesis Rob Hannemann    
ME 0099-01 Mechanical Engineering Internships Rob Hannemann    
ME 0110-01 Thermal Management of Electronics Marc Hodes N+ TR 6:00-7:15
ME 0111-01 Thermal Fluid Transport 1 Thermal Fluids-Core A Behrouz Abedian L+ TR 4:30-5:45
ME 0121-01 Biomaterials Ken James 11+ T 6:00-8:45
ME 0122-01 Advanced Strength of Materials Materials & Solids-Core A Mark Kachanov 13+ R 6:00-8:45
ME 0129-01 Finite Elements Mike Zimmerman M+ MW 6:00-7:15
ME 0139-01 Acoustics Rob White G+ MW 1:30-2:45
ME 0150-01 Applied Math for Engineers Bruce Boghosian E+ MW 10:30-11:45
ME 0180-01 Digital Control of Dynamic Systems Dynamic Systems & Control-Core A Jason Rife I+ MW 3:00-4:15
ME 0291-01 Graduate Seminar Rob Hannemann J+R R 3:00-4:15