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Colloquium Series - Archives

Fall 2010

Thursdays 3:00PM - 4:15PM
Nelson Auditorium - Anderson 112

September 16 "Heat Transfer in Phase Change Materials"
Gennady Ziskind – Ben Gurion University of the Negev
September 23 "Creating Programmable Robots for Fun and Profit"
Tom Lauwers – Carnegie Mellon University
September 30 "Tiny Leaps for Robot-Kind: Mobility, Mechanisms, and Motors for Microrobots"
Sarah Bergbreiter – University of Maryland
October 7 "Imaging Extrasolar Earthlike Planets from Space"
Jeremy Kasdin – Princeton University
October 28 "Engineering Challenges and Solutions for Air Traffic Control"
Jim Kuchar – Lincoln Laboratory
November 4 "Novel sub-Kelvin Cooling Techniques for Space Science Applications"
Franklin Miller – University of Wesconsin
November 18 "The Thermodynamics of Data Center Energy Management"
Cullen Bash – Hewlett-Packard
December 9 "Smart Grid and Other Desiderata: A Future for Electric Energy"
Aleksandar Stankovic – Tufts University, Electrical Engineering