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Colloquium Series - Archives

Spring 2010

Thursdays 3:00PM - 4:15PM
Nelson Auditorium - Anderson 112

January 21 "Dielectric Barrier Dischard Plasmas for Active Flow Control"
Alan Hskinson - Tufts University
January 28 "Critical Current and Mechanical Behaviors of Superconducting Materials Used in Magnet Technology Applications Under Various Loading Conditions"
Luisa Chiesa - Tufts University
February 4 "Cool Stuff in Microfluids"
Nadine Aubry - Carnegie Mellon University
February 11 "Optimization of Concentrated Solar Power"
Alexander Mitsos - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
February 25 "Exploration of Ice-Covered Lakes Experiments with the ENDURANCE AUV in Antartica's Dry Valleys"
Kristof Richmond - Stone Aerospace
March 4 "Miniature Mobile Robots Down to Micron Scale"
Metin Sitti - Carnegie Mellon University
March 11 "Soft Robots by Design"
Gary Leisk - Tufts University
March 18 "In-situ Step Size Estimation Using an IMU and a Kinetic Model of Human Gait"
Demoz Gebre-Egziabher - University of Minnesota
April 1 "Microfluidic System for Investigation of Spatiotemporal Dynamics in Biological Systems"
William Messner - Carnegie Mellon University
April 8 "Failure Analysis"
Stuart Brown - Veryst Engineering LLC
April 15 TBD
Soren Prestemon - LBNL
April 22 "State of the Art Heart Transfer and Fluid Dynamics Experiments"
Craig Geradi - Argonne National Laboratory
April 29 "Nanoscale Thermoelectric Materials and Devices for Thermal Management and Energy Harvesting"
Rama Venkatasubramanian - RTI International