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Colloquium Series

Fall 2017

Thursdays 3:00-4:00pm
Nelson Auditorium - Anderson 112

Date Speaker Topic/Area ME Faculty Host
September 7, 2017 ME Faculty Talks

James Intriligator
Luisa Chiesa
(Tufts University)
Human Factors Engineering: Awesome and Exciting New Research Directions

High-Temperature Superconductors: Advantages and Key Challenges in Their Deployment for High-Field Magnets and Large-Scale Applications
Jeff Guasto
September 14, 2017 Brad Nelson
(ETH Zurich)
Soft Microrobotics and its Application in Medicine Chris Rogers
September 21, 2017 Charlie Sanabria
(Florida State University)
Pushing the Boundaries of Superconducting Wires for the Future Circular Collider Luisa Chiesa
September 28, 2017 Ben Sawyer
Iterative Human-Centered Design in Real and Virtual Environments James Intriligator
October 5, 2017 Elizabeth Settoducato
Erica Schattle
(Tisch Library,
Tufts University)
Effective Literature Reviews and Searches Jeff Guasto
October 12, 2017 Tom Vandervelde
(Tufts University)
Metaphotonic Thermophotovoltaics Jeff Guasto
October 19, 2017 Ming Dao
Biomechanics of Red-Cell Diseases Igor Sokolov
October 26, 2017 Matteo Salvetti
(Brooks Automation)
Cryogenic Applications in the Semiconductor and Life Sciences Industries Luisa Chiesa
November 2, 2017 Darren Crowdy
(Imperial College London)
Quantifying Slip Over Superhydrophobic Surfaces Marc Hodes
November 9, 2017 Eric Bogner
Transcending Functionality James Intriligator
November 16, 2017 ME Grad Student Talks
(Tufts University)
Five-minute sound bites Jeff Guasto
November 30, 2017 Ertan Agar
(UMass Lowell)
Design and Diagnostics of Redox Flow Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy Storage Iryna Zenyuk