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Graduate Program

Manufacturing Engineering Certificate Program

As the United States continues to compete in global markets, the need for manufacturing engineers who can design, build, operate, and manage competitive production systems has never been greater.

Excellence in three-dimensional design and production - especially knowledge of quality CAD, CAM, CNC machining, and robotics - remains critical as industries strive to reduce labor costs, increase productivity and profitability, tighten performance standards, and improve quality.

The certificate program educates students in the latest technologies through a hands-on, industry-based curriculum, and contributes to the formation of future leaders in manufacturing engineering.

Certificate Faculty Advisor:
Anil Saigal, Mechanical Engineering

Who Should Apply?
The program is open to students with a bachelor's degree and a background in engineering, science, or mathematics. The program is especially useful to professionals who want to enhance their understanding of one or more of the following areas:

  • Quality
  • Processes
  • Automation
  • Controls

Students interested in earning a graduate degree can often apply these certificate courses toward a Tufts master's degree in mechanical engineering, which focuses on professional practice and project work. Apply now.

Program of Study
The certificate requires four courses:

  1. Two core courses: required
    • ME 125 Manufacturing Processes and Materials Technology
    • ME 180 Digital Control of Dynamic Systems or ME 182 Automation or ME 184 Robotics
  2. Two elective courses from the following:
    • ME 103 Micro-fabrication and Design
    • ME 108 Modern Quality Control
    • ME 123 Mechanics of Composite and Heterogeneous Materials
    • ME 126 Computer-Integrated Engineering
    • ME 129 Finite Element Methods in Engineering Systems
    • ME 180 Digital Control of Dynamic Systems
    • ME 184 Robotics
    • CEE 188 Engineering Design with CAD

Course numbers/titles are subject to change. Descriptions are available on SIS.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Labs
Certificate students have access to the Mechanical Engineering Department's fully-equipped machine shop and the Burstein Family Prototyping Facility with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers.

Please see the Graduate Programs website for information about current tuition rates.