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Graduate Program

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

The PhD in Mechanical Engineering is a rigorous degree program designed to establish an individual's ability to conduct independent, innovative research. Graduates from this program typically seek careers as faculty at a research university or as a researcher in an industrial or government research laboratory.

Applicants are admitted to this program on the basis of their educational qualifications. It is expected that any candidate to the doctoral program have an outstanding academic record in mechanical engineering or a related technical discipline. The Department also requires all applicants to submit their recent General Record Examination (GRE) scores. More detailed descriptions of all application requirements are provided in the Graduate School Handbook. Current Tufts students who desire to go directly into the PhD program following the completion of their Master's degree must submit a personal statement and their advisor(s) supporting statement(s). No application fee is required. The application package must be submitted prior to the semester in which the student intends to begin her/his doctoral work.

Joint Doctor of Philosophy in Human-Robot Interaction

Doctoral students in Human-Robot Interaction have the opportunity to build a unique degree program for themselves as they lay the foundations for future generations of researchers and practitioners working with robots. Graduating doctoral candidates will receive a joint Ph.D. in their home department and in Human-Robot Interaction. Learn more.

Joint Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering

Materials scientists study how the history of a material influences its structure and properties, advancing understanding in research areas that include metallurgy, solid-state physics, and biomaterials. Students graduating from the doctoral program will receive a joint Ph.D., with a "home department" and Materials Science and Engineering; for example, a Joint-Ph.D. in Computer Science and Materials Science & Engineering. Learn more.