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Faculty and students attend ION GNSS+ annual meeting
Ph.D. candidate Liangchun Xu won a student award at the 2017 Institute of Navigation Global Navigation Satellite System (ION GNSS+) annual meeting for his paper "A Compact, Lightweight Sensor to Measure Bearing Angle to a Radio Transmitter." Read more.
[posted 12/04/2017]

Student wins conference presentation award
Mario Delgado, an engineering physics student, won a Student Presentation Award at SACNAS: The National Diversity in STEM Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. His presentation was on "Mechanical Properties of High Temperature Superconducting Tapes at 77 K."
[posted 11/14/17]

Fuel-cell imaging research published
Research conducted in the lab of Assistant Professor Iryna Zenyuk, using x-ray imaging to see how fuel cell materials react to temperature and moisture, has been published in the journal Electrochimica Acta.
Read more.
[posted 11/14/17]

Sokolov interviewed about his work with atomic force microscopy (AFM)
Igor Sokolov was interviewed in News Life Science about his work using atomic force microscopy (AFM) to analyze nanomechanical elements of aging and cancerous cells. Read more.
[posted 11/01/17]

Tufts Racing gears up for Formula Hybrid competition
Tufts Racing, led by captains Jordan Stone, E18, Catherine Gao, E18, and Martin Majkut, E19, with faculty advising from Professor Bill Messner, is off to a good start as they build a new, energy-efficient vehicle for the Formula Hybrid International Student Competition at Dartmouth College in the spring. Read more.
[posted 10/30/17]

Sokolov receives research award
Professor Igor Sokolov received an Open Access Publishing award from the Tufts Faculty Research Awards Committee for his proposal "Nanoscale compositional mapping of cells, tissues, and polymers with ringing mode of atomic force microscopy."
Read more.
[posted 10/20/17]

Aurelio named Fellow of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
David Aurelio, a part-time lecturer, was named a Fellow by the HFES for his service to the Society and his work in the fields of consumer product design, user needs assessment, and usability evaluation of products.
Read more.
[posted 10/17/17]

DeBari, E18, designs efficient battery holder
Working in Assistant Professor Iryna Zenyuk's lab, Summer Scholar Annalisa DeBari, E18, designed a battery holder for researchers to x-ray a battery without taking it apart. Read more.
[posted 10/1/17]

Sokolov discovers new nano imaging method
Professor Igor Sokolov and postdoc Maxim Dokukin have found a new and faster imaging method for matter on a nano level. Read more.
[posted 9/26/17]

Zimmerman's batteries in the news
Professor of the Practice Mike Zimmerman is developing new solid-state alkaline batteries that could be a viable alternative to lithium-ion and other high-energy storage technologies. Read more in the New York Times and WIRED.
[posted 8/18/17]

ME team wins national design award
Nicholas Nopprapun, Erick Garcia, and Noah Kagan, all E17, won first place in the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) University Design Competition for Addressing Airport Needs. They worked with advisor Senior Lecturer Gary Leisk. Read more.
[posted 8/9/17]

Pancheri, EG13, receives Harting Award
Alumnus Francesco Pancheri was a member of the Tufts research team that has received the Harting Award for the best paper published in Experimental Techniques in 2016. Read more.
[posted 8/8/17]

Students attend Global Grand Challenges Summit
Will Edmonds, E19, and August Frechette, E18, recently attended the Global Grand Challenges Summit in Washington, D.C. Read blog posts by Will and August.
[posted 8/3/17]

Pierro receives Donna Jung Scholarship Award
The Cryogenic Engineering Conference recently awarded the Donna Jung Scholarship Award to Ph.D. student Federica Pierro. The scholarship recognizes female graduate students in the fields of cryogenic studies. Read more.
[posted 7/13/17]

Alumnus' work featured in Advancing Microelectronics
An article by alumnus Peter Lewis, E14 and EG16, and Associate Professor Robert White was featured as the cover article in a recent issue of Advancing Microelectronics. Read more.
[posted 7/12/17]

Lampedusa, E21, named Presidential Scholar
Incoming first-year Korri Lampedusa, E21, was selected as a U.S. Presidential Scholar of the Arts, one of the country's highest honors for graduating seniors. She was the first arts scholar to be recognized for industrial design. Read more.
[posted 6/28/17]

Three students receive Summer Scholars funding
Annalisa DeBari, Camille-Louise Mbayo, and Shane Rozen-Levy, all E18, were selected to participate in the Summer Scholars Program. This summer, they will conduct a funded independent research project with a faculty mentor. Read more.
[posted 6/9/17]

Undergrads blog while studying abroad
Mechanical engineering majors Martin Majkut, E19, and Handy Dorceus, E20, and engineering psychology major Zaila Foster, E20, studied in Talloires, France this summer. All three blogged about the experience. Read Zaila's, Handy's, and Martin's blogs.
[posted 5/26/17]

DeBari, E18, earns All-American honor in track
Mechanical engineering major Annalisa DeBari, E18, recently won fifth place in the 60-meter hurdles at the NCAA Div. III Indoor National Championship, earning the All-American honors that are awarded to the top eight finishers in the country. Read more.
[posted 5/2/17]

Tufts team wins MakeMIT
A team of Tufts students—including mechanical engineers Jackson Bockhorst and Ethan Laverack—recently won first prize in the MakeMIT hackathon. The Sphnx team developed a battery-operated sensor system to track a cyclist's posture. Read more.
[posted 4/13/17]

ME students win second place in $100k Competition
In the 2017 $100k New Ventures Competition, a team that included mechanical engineering majors Richard Ding and Hermes Suen won second place in the Social Impact track. Their product line, -sPARK+, harnesses children's mechanical energy and converts it into electricity. Read more.
[posted 4/10/17]

Registration opens for summer classes
The Department of Mechanical Engineering is offering a number of Summer Session classes this year. Take classes on computer integrated engineering, heat transfer, and more. Register now.
[posted 3/21/17]

Buechler, E17, honored with Senior Award
The Tufts University Alumni Association has selected Elizabeth Buechler as one of twelve honorees to receive the Senior Award for her academic achievement, participation in campus and community activities, and leadership. Read more about Elizabeth.
[posted 3/20/17]

Zenyuk receives CAREER Award
Assistant Professor Iryna Zenyuk received a CAREER Award for her proposal to study the mechanisms of ion transport in ionomer-free electrodes. The goal of her work is to determine specific factors which limit the performance of polymer electrolyte fuel cells using thin-film electrodes, allowing work to progress on overcoming these hurdles. Read more.
[posted 3/13/17]

Students design for early engineering education
In Assistant Professor Kristen Wendell's Senior Design Project class, a group of students put their heads together to create an educational water table to teach electrical concepts to young children using a water-electricity analogy. Read more.
[posted 3/8/17]

Zimmerman's research highlighted on PBS
Professor of the Practice Mike Zimmerman was featured in the NOVA special titled "The Search for the Super Battery." NOVA host David Pogue tested Zimmerman's polymer-based solid state battery. Watch the full episode and read more.
[posted 2/2/17]

Messner writes on driverless cars for The Conversation
Professor Bill Messner covered the current state of the development of autonomous vehicles in The Conversation. He says that recent advances "suggest a future filled with driverless cars that are both safer than today’s vehicles and radically different in appearance and comfort." Read more.
[posted 1/31/17]


New York Times features Zimmerman's solid battery
At his startup Ionic Materials, Professor of the Practice Mike Zimmerman is developing the first polymer-based solid state battery. His work could bring safer, flexible and non-combustible lithium batteries to the market. Read more.
[posted 12/12/16]

Ph.D. student Xiao and Barlow, E17, win best poster award
At the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research Conference, Xiao Xiao and Stan Barlow received the Best Poster – Young Investigator Award. Read more.
[posted 11/07/16]

Messner interviewed on the safety of self-driving cars
Professor Bill Messner appeared on CCTV America to discuss the safety record of autonomous vehicles. Watch now.
[posted 09/27/16]

Gallegos, E19, blogs from Talloires
This summer, Hernan Gallegos blogged about his experiences as a mechanical engineer in the Tufts in Talloires program. Read more on the blog.
[posted 08/18/16]

Messner weighs in on autonomous car development
Professor Bill Messner wrote on the potential next steps in autonomous car development, following the recent fatal crash of a Tesla vehicle that was in autopilot mode. Read more in The Conversation.
[posted 08/08/16]

Tufts Racing competes in the 2016 Formula Hybrid Competition
Congratulations to Tufts Racing for their hard work preparing their electric car for the Formula Hybrid Competition, which was held May 2-5 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway.
[posted 05/20/16]

Zenyuk Researches Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Assistant Professor Iryna Zenyuk is working to understand and overcome a key stumbling block to creating a commercially viable hydrogen fuel cell. These fuel cells could be used in everything from cars to consumer electronics. Read more about Zenyuk's research.
[posted 05/20/16]

Black, E16, Wins One of Two NCAA Scholarships
Mechanical engineer Mitchell Black, E16, was one of two student-athletes nationwide to receive the 2016 Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship recognizing academic excellence. Black plans to pursue his doctorate in aerospace engineering at either Georgia Tech or the University of Michigan.
[posted 04/25/16]

Alumna Zimmerman, E09, Wins in Health & Life Sciences Track
Mechanical engineering alumna Alexandra Zimmerman, E09, was on the BrainSpec team, which won first place in the Health and Life Sciences track of the 2016 $100k New Ventures Competition. BrainSpec is a software platform that enables the accurate and non-invasive diagnosis of brain disorders, using magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
[posted 04/25/16]

Buechler, E17, Receives Goldwater Honorable Mention
Lily Buechler, E17, received an Honorable Mention in the Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program. The Goldwater Scholarship is one of the most prestigious undergraduate awards in the STEM fields.
[posted 03/31/16]

Kemmerling Talks 3D Modeling and Mechanics in The Conversation
Assistant Professor Erica Kemmerling writes for The Conversation about fabricating physical models to study how cardiovascular devices affect blood flow. Now 3D printing technology is advanced enough to build realistic models of human blood vessels, and pulsatile-flow pumps can drive flow through these vessels to mimic the heart's pumping. Since the vessel models are synthetic, there are no ethical issues associated with damaging them to take flow measurements.
[posted 03/28/16]

Track star Mitchell Black, E16, wins third NCAA crown
Senior Mitchell Black is a double major in mechanical engineering and astrophysics and has applied to graduate programs in aerospace, aeronautics and astronautics, and space engineering, as well as for positions at NASA. On March 12 in Grinnell, Iowa, Black added a third NCAA 800 meters title to his resume, winning the 2016 indoor event with considerable ease. Read more about Mitchell.
[posted 03/16/16]

Wendell Named 2016 PECASE Winner
Assistant Professor Kristen Wendell was named a recipient of a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). This award is the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government on science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers. She will receive her award at a Washington, D.C. ceremony in the spring. The 105 awardees were selected for their pursuit of innovative research at the frontiers of science and technology and their commitment to community service as demonstrated through scientific leadership, public education, or community outreach.
[posted 02/18/16]