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Daniel J. Hannon
Professor of the Practice in Human Factors, Department of Mechanical Engineering


Human Factors, Airspace System


Dr. Hannon's research focus is on human performance in complex socio-technical systems, including applications in transportation systems, team performance, education, and health care. As a professor of the practice in human factors engineering, much of his work is conducted through field tests, human-in-the-loop simulation, and on-site system development.

Recent projects in transportation systems have included the development of airport surveillance applications for virtual air traffic control towers, and the development of simulation systems for driver training. Interest in team performance includes understanding team member interaction with technology in co-located and distributed configurations. His work in education is focused on the development of educational technology, particularly with respect to classroom-based equipment that provides an opportunity for students and teachers to work collaboratively. In the area of health care, Dr. Hannon has a particular interest in exploring the use of technology in non-traditional approaches to providing care, with an emphasis in the domain of mental health. The goal is to offer health care providers and their patients new ways of interacting with each other through the use of information technology.

Much of Dr. Hannon's work is guided by an interest in perceptual control theory and cognitive systems engineering. Through these approaches, it is possible to focus on motivational and situational elements that influence the decisions people make while operating in a complex environment.