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Part-time Lecturers

David Aurelio, Ph.D., Northeastern University
Industrial engineering, project studies in human systems
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Eric Bogner, M.F.A, Cranbrook Academy of Art
Industrial Design
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Linda Borghesani, M.S., Tufts University
User interface design and usability testing
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Sami Durrani, Ph.D., University of Central Florida
Industrial engineering, systems engineering
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Kelsey Hochgraf, M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Industrial engineering, systems engineering
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Kenneth James, Ph.D., University of Utah
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Sauro Liberatore, Ph.D., University of California
Aeronautical engineering, biomechanics, control systems
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Timothy McEwen, Ph.D., Wright State University
Human factors, psychology
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Mark Moeller, Ph.D., MIT
Acoustics, vibrations
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James Moore, Ph.D., MIT
Acoustics, vibrations
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Robert Peattie, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
Biomechanics, Thermodynamics
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Stephen Steiner, Ph.D., MIT
Aerogel, energy sustainability

Brad Swanson, M.M., University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Music production
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Jon Tilliss, M.P.S., Northeastern University
Human Factors, Medical Devices
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Natasha Wright, Ph.D. candidate, MIT
Electrodialysis technology, powered by photovoltaics, to provide clean drinking water in off-grid settings
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