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Jason Rife
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering


Navigation, Robotics, Controls

Modeling of navigation, surveillance, and conflict resolution
for aircraft surface movement in NextGen scenarios
involving 4D trajectories

Safety assurance is a paramount concern when introducing new automation functions into human-occupied vehicles. Our lab investigates technologies for enhancing performance and assuring safety of sensors used in vehicle automation. As one example, we are investigating the safety of sensors used in automated aircraft landing and surface movement, in support of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), an endeavor that seeks to double the capacity of U.S. air space by 2025. A particular emphasis of our research is landing aircraft with the Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS), which enhances the safety and reliability of conventional GPS for safety-critical applications. As a second example, we are also investigating the safety of sensors used in automated driving. For example, in recent projects we have developed new methods (1) to enhance GPS accuracy through networked vehicle communication and (2) to verify the quality of vision-based position sensing using real-time integrity monitoring.