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Kristen Bethke Wendell
Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Selected Publications

  • Johnson, A., Wendell, K. B., & Watkins, J. (2017). Examining experienced teachers' noticing of and responses to students' engineering. Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research, 7(1), Article 2.
  • Wendell, K. B., Wright, C. G., & Paugh, P. (2017). Engineering design as reflective decision-making: How elementary school students make collaborative planning and redesign choices during formal engineering learning experiences. Journal of Engineering Education, 106(3), 356-397.
  • Dalvi, T., & Wendell, K. B. (2017). Using student video cases to assess pre-service elementary teachers’ engineering teaching responsiveness. Research in Science Education, 47(5), 1101-1125.
  • Wendell, K. B., Swenson, J., & Dalvi, T. (2016). Learning engineering and teaching engineering: Comparing the engineering epistemologies of two novice teachers with distinct pedagogies of design. Proceedings of the 123rd American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition. New Orleans, LA.
  • Stone-MacDonald, A., Wendell, K., Douglass, A., & Love, M. L. (2015). Engaging young engineers: Teaching problem solving skills through STEM. Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing.
  • Swenson, J., Wendell, K. B., & Dalvi, T. (2015). Introducing engineering and making to urban pre-service teachers through community-based projects. Proceedings of FabLearn 2015, Palo Alto, CA.
  • Dalvi, T., & Wendell, K. B. (2015). Community based engineering. Science & Children.
  • Wendell, K. B. (2014). Design practices of pre-service elementary teachers in an integrated engineering and literature experience. Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research, 4(2), Article 4.
  • McCormick, M., Wendell, K., & O'Connell, B. (2014). Student videos as a tool for elementary teacher development in teaching engineering: What do teachers notice? Proceedings of the 121st American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition. Indianapolis, IN.
  • Wendell, K. B., & Kolodner, J. (2014). Learning disciplinary concepts and practices through engineering design.  In B. Olds and A. Johri (Eds.), Cambridge handbook of engineering education research.  Cambridge University Press.
  • Wendell, K., Kendall, A., Portsmore, M., Wright, C., Jarvin, L., & Rogers, C. (2014). Embedding elementary school science instruction in engineering design problem solving. In S. Purzer, J. Strobel, & M. Cardella (Eds.), Engineering in pre-college settings: Synthesizing research, policy, and practices. Purdue University Press.
  • Wendell, K. B., & Rogers, C. (2013). Engineering-design-based science, science content performance, and science attitudes in elementary school. Journal of Engineering Education, 102(4), 513-540.
  • Wendell, K. B. (2013).  Children's design constructions as representations of science ideas.  In B. Brizuela and B. Gravel (Eds.), "Show me what you know" Exploring representations across STEM disciplines. Teachers College Press.
  • Wendell, K.B. (2012). Just right: Students design a model house to learn about the properties of materials. Science & Children, 50(4), 46-53.
  • Wendell, K.B., & Lee, H.-S. (2010). Elementary students' learning of materials science practices through instruction based on engineering design tasks. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 19(6), 580-601.
  • Rogers, C., Foster, J., & Wendell, K. B. (2010). A review of the NAE report on engineering in K-12 education. Journal of Engineering Education, 99(2), 179-181.