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OAI Model 204IR Mask Aligner

This manual mask aligner is capable of frontside alignment and backside alignment (using transmitted IR light). The aligner has soft contact, hard contact, and vacuum contact modes. The tool has a 350 Watt I-line Near UV lamp calibrated to 20 mW/cm^2 intensity at I-line (365 nm). The two alignment microscopes have a minimum separation of 48 mm, and a field of view of approximately 300 microns. Alignment accuracies on the order of 1-2 microns are possible for frontside alignment.

This tool requires training and formal checkout with the faculty supervisor before you may operate it unsupervised. Read the SOP (see below). Then contact a qualified user and ask to observe tool operation. When you are comfortable with tool operation, contact Prof. White and arrange a formal checkout procedure. Once checked out, you are welcome to use the tool unsupervised.

Contacts: Robert White, Jim Vlahakis

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