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Instrument Scheduling

Schedules for instruments in the Microfab Lab are handled through the Agilent iLab system. Please review the information, below.

  • Once you have become a Microfab user, we will create an iLab account. Please follow these instructions:

  • iLab
    Use this link to schedule instruments ahead of time, check instrument availability, and review your instrument usage history.

  • iLab Kiosk
    Use this link to start or end a session on an instrument. Kiosk should be used when you are in the lab to start a session or end a session now. You can also use the Kiosk to start a "walk-up session", if you have not scheduled the instrument in advance, but it is available.


What if I didn't schedule equipment? Can I still use it?
Yes! As long as someone else has not reserved the equipment, you can start a "walk-up" session directly from Kiosk.

What if someone doesn't show up for their reserved time? Can I still use the equipment?
The equipment will be reserved for 15 minutes into the reserved time. If, after 15 minutes, the person who reserved the equipment does not start it, you can create a walk-up session from Kiosk and take over the equipment.

The software says there's a charge for using the instrument, should I worry about that?
No! During the transition to the iLab system, these charges will not apply.

When will the transition be complete? What will the charges be?
The target date is May 1, 2018. When rates have been set, we will post the information.

What if I miss my reservation?
Right now, there's no penalty. After the transition period, there will be some charge for missing a reservation.