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School of Engineering

Greg Aloupis

Visiting Associate Professor
Computer Science

Greg Aloupis

Greg Aloupis

Visiting Associate Professor
Computer Science

Phone 617-627-0548
Halligan Hall, Room 210
161 College Avenue, Medford, MA
discrete, combinatorial, and computational geometry

Greg Aloupis is a visiting associate professor in the Department of Computer Science. His primary research interests involve discrete, computational, and combinatorial geometry. More specifically, he has focused on geometric reconfiguration problems. Outside of these fields, he has also been involved in algorithmic modular robotics and data depth.

Ph.D., Computer Science, McGill University, 2005
M.Sc., Computer Science, McGill University, 2001
B.Sc., Physics, McGill University, 1999
Professional Experience: 

Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Tufts School of Engineering


Adjunct Research Professor, School of Computer Science, Carleton University


Chargé de Recherches, FNRS


Postdoctoral Researcher, Academia Sinica


Postdoctoral Researcher, Université Libre de Bruxelles and Carleton University

Teaching/Courses Taught: 
COMP-0061: Discrete Mathematics
COMP-0160: Algorithms
COMP-0163: Computational Geometry
COMP-0260: Advanced Algorithms
COMP-0150-08: Algorithms and Data Structures

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