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Research Awards and Grant Management (Post-Award)

Account Set-up:

When the Notice of Grant Award (NGA) arrives, The Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA) forwards the notice to the PI and department and then sets up the appropriate accounts. At this point, the department needs to review the NGA and notify their SPA representative if additional subactivities are needed.

Reviewing the NGA

Notice of Grant Award - a legally binding document that notifies the grantee that an award has been made, contains or references all terms and conditions of the award, and documents the obligation of Federal funds. PIs must understand and comply with all award terms and conditions.

Things to look for:

  • What project changes are allowable?
  • What charges need pre-approval from the sponsor?
  • Are there project-specific terms and conditions?
  • Reporting schedules
  • Submission dates for continuation or renewal proposals
  • Other special requirements

If you find any of the terms and conditions unacceptable, unclear or you need to make changes, be sure to contact your SPA representative immediately.

Grants Management:

Post-award maintenance should include, but is not limited to, the following actions:

  • The PI should discuss project status with Departmental Administrator and/or Sponsored Program Accounting (SPA) Rep on a monthly basis to ensure there are funds available to support the research project.
  • When changes to a current project are necessary, adequate documentation of the change is collected by the department administrator and reviewed and signed-off on by the PI. Some changes require prior approval from the sponsoring agency such as:
    • Change in the scope/scientific aims.
    • Absence of the PI or key personnel for more than 3 months.
    • Significant change/reduction in PI or key personnel effort.