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Proposal Preparation & Submission

Q. What do I need to complete my proposal application?
A: You need the following:

  1. Paper Copy or Web Link of the RFP
  2. Internal Sponsored Coordination Form
  3. Financial Disclosure Form
  4. Detailed Budget
  5. Budget Justification
  6. Abstract

Q. What happens to my proposal application after its approval by SOE Research Administration Office?
A: The entire proposal application gets submitted to the Office of Vice Provost (OVP) for final submission to the sponsor.

Q. The Agency allows a reduced overhead, will SOE recognize that overhead?
A: Yes. Tufts will accept the reduced overhead if it's published in the program announcement guidelines or if it is on record and a matter of policy with the Sponsor.

Q. Do I still need to follow the same SOE procedures for a small dollar value grant, as I do for a large grant?
A: Yes. The same procedures must be followed.

Q. When should I release submit access to OVP on a FastLane proposal?
A: Submit access to any proposal you have created should not be given to OVP until the application is complete including the science. Any FastLane proposal needs to be first approved by SOE. There will be no exceptions to this practice.
If the science portion of your proposal is not complete do not give OVP submit access. OVP will not be responsible for incomplete applications submitted to NSF because the science was not in its final form.

Q. Who is responsible for sending the proposal to the Sponsor?
A: The principal Investigator or his/her designee.