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Engineering students are fully engaged in the Tufts community through their housing, activities and clubs, and cultural activities. Engineering students are seamlessly integrated into campus life for a rewarding and enriched campus experience. From student services to course electives to roommates - engineering students share the vibrant campus life at Tufts.

In the slideshow above, hear Leiny Garcia, E14, one of the Bridge to Engineering Success at Tufts (BEST) students, talk about coming to Tufts from her home in Los Angeles. Photos and slideshow by Alonso Nichols.


Deadly Resurgence

Maimuna Majumder, E12, seeks ways to combat cholera. As cholera makes a comeback, Maimuna Majumder, E12, seeks ways to combat it. Majumder spent the summer in Bangladesh, beginning a study of 10 years worth of cholera patient data to see which variables seemed to play a role in protecting people from the disease.