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About BEST



In conjunction with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Tufts School of Engineering, the Center for STEM Diversity administers a six-week summer bridge program for incoming engineering students. The Bridge to Engineering Success at Tufts (BEST) program is designed to give selected students an opportunity to take two Tufts courses for credit while participating in academic and college life workshops that help first-year students make the transition from high school to college. During the summer portion of the program, BEST scholars personally meet and network with the Tufts University President, Provost and Dean of the School of Engineering, in addition to professors from many of the engineering disciplines offered at Tufts.

As a BEST scholar, you will have already taken two college-level courses for credit, mastered the campus map and conquered dorm life, and become part of a cohort of BESTie friends to begin your life on the hill at Tufts University, all before matriculation in the fall.

However, BEST is more than a six-week summer program. BEST is a challenging but rewarding four-year college experience in which the Center for STEM Diversity is viewed as a home away from home for BEST scholars on campus. We provide well-rounded support for academic success and personal growth for each "BESTie" and maintain a family atmosphere through outings and Sunday dinners. As BEST scholars navigate their college careers, the Center for STEM Diversity helps them focus on specific goals. As first-year students, BEST scholars participate in the same pre-major advising group, have access to BEST-specific tutors through Tufts' Student Accessibility and Academic Resources (StAAR Center), and attend time-management counseling. Sophomore, junior, and senior BEST scholars continue to meet throughout the academic year for seminars and workshops and are encouraged to attend our regular social events to promote cohort engagement and individual achievement. Learn more about the goals for each year:

In addition to receiving comprehensive support from the Center for STEM Diversity, each first-year BEST scholar is paired with an upperclassman peer mentor based on intended major, interests, and personality. Mentors and mentees are given a BEST peer mentoring handbook, attend mentorship training, and participate in fun activities together to promote the BEST family dynamic. Mentors also meet individually with their mentees to give guidance, answer questions from a student's perspective, and provide insight on specific classes, majors, and experiences at Tufts.