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About BEST

Sophomore Year: Focus on Engineering Major

There is a lot to look forward to in your second year at Tufts. Sophomore year is all about asking the right questions and finding a good work/life balance.

As a sophomore BEST scholar, you are expected to:

  • Meet monthly with the BEST program administrator
  • If you have agreed to mentor a first-year BESTie, meet with them once every two weeks
  • Attend two BEST workshops/seminars and one Career Center event per semester

It is also strongly encouraged that you participate in the following activities:

  • Be an active member in one engineering society
  • Attend BEST Sunday dinners
  • Attend BEST social activities and outings and stay engaged in the BEST program


  • Continue to improve time management skills
  • Study more efficiently and effectively
  • Ask for help early with mental health, physical health, or academics
  • Focus on intentional participation in two or three clubs/societies at Tufts
  • Figure out if studying abroad is an option for you, and if it is, apply!
  • Research the pros and cons of graduate school or going into industry
  • Attend career fairs and networking nights hosted by the Career Center
  • Submit your resume for the CSD resume book during fall semester
  • Obtain summer research or internship opportunity

Take a look at these additional resources that can help you navigate all of sophomore year’s exciting moments and big decisions.