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Meet our Scholars

Class of 2019

Gregory Berumen Gregory Berumen
Wylie East High School
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

"Everyone in BEST encouraged me to have dreams and to chase them."
Haiting Chan  Haiting Chan
South Eugene High School
Computer Engineering

"BEST connected me to resources and community that I would not have been able to find on my own."
Diego Espinoza Rodriguez  Diego Espinoza Rodriguez
The Preuss School UCSD
Computer Engineering

"BEST opened so many doors for me, and Iím extremely grateful that I was able to be a part of that amazing community."
HernŠn Gallegos  Hernán Gallegos
Towers High School
Mechanical Engineering

"The BEST program made me feel as though I had a strong support system, and I was lucky to meet so many people I called friends."
Martin Majkut  Martin Majkut
Rhode Island
Charles E. Shea High School
Mechanical Engineering

"The opportunities I was so fortunate to receive, the friends I was able to make, and the support I was able to get (and give) are just a few of the things I liked the most about the BEST program."
Zack Nassar  Zack Nassar
New York
Hastings High School
Biomedical Engineering

"Be curious and regularly question yourself and what you do so that you can figure out what your true dreams and passions are, and invest your time and energy into those things."