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Environmental Biotechnology

The Environmental Biotechnology track investigates the development, control, and characterization of biological processes for water and wastewater treatment and environmental restoration. Focus is on biological transformations in complex systems comprising microbial communities. Application and integration of current molecular tools for monitoring and assessing these systems is integrated within the framework of process design and implementation.

Track requirements

In addition to the four core credit requirements, students in this track must also take:

  • CEE-139 Bioremediation: Natural & Enhanced
  • CHBE-163 Recombinant DNA Techniques
  • 4 Elective Credits

Elective Credits in Environmental Biotechnology

As always, please consult the SIS Student Portal website for exact times and dates of all classes offered below.

Course ID Name Time
Bio-152 Biochemistry Spring: M, 9:30-10:20 & TR, 10:30-11:20
Comp-167 Computational Biology Fall: R, 6:30-9:00
CEE-172 Fate and Transport of Contaminants Spring
CEE-113 Groundwater Hydrology Fall: MW, 4:30-5:45
CEE-293 Master's Project n/a
CHBE-167 Metabolic and Cell Engineering Fall (10): TR, 4:30-5:45
CEE-143 Site Remediation Spring
CEE-133 Water and Wastewater Plant Design Spring