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Kyle Boutin (B.S., 2012)
Kyle Boutin is currently working as a Research Engineer at Reactive Innovations LLC, a chemical engineering firm in Westford, MA. In his own words, "My education at Tufts prepared me well for my first job!"

Lauren Klinker (B.S., 2012)
Lauren Klinker is currently working as a Biomedical Engineer at MC10 Inc., a company in Cambridge, MA. MC10 is a technology start-up that creates conformal electronic systems for medical, consumer, industrial, and military applications. Her work focuses on the integration of stretchable, flexible electronics on the skin, such as for health and sports monitoring devices, and within the body on cardiac devices for diagnosing and treating arrhythmias. A large part of her work is based on her undergraduate thesis, which she completed in Professor Omenetto's lab. She says, "I am happy to be close to Tufts campus and look forward to staying in touch with the department."

Violet Finley (M.S., 2011)
Violet Finley pursued an M.S. in the Kuo Lab, and is now working at Draper Laboratory. Utilizing both her mechanical engineering (B.S.) and biomedical engineering (M.S.) backgrounds, she is focused on tissue engineering and medical device testing. "I've been really happy with the skills I gained through my time at Tufts. I feel prepared to do the work I'm supposed to do, and having gotten my master's in BME has opened doors to exciting work that I never would have been able to do with just my bachelor's in ME. Still living in Medford... feels strange to be right next to Tufts but not be a Tufts student anymore!"

Charles Banos (M.S., 2010)
Charles Banos is currently working as an associate scientist in the Neurology Department at Biogen Idec in Cambridge, MA. The group he is in focuses on drug discovery for different neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimers and Multiple Sclerosis. While at Tufts, he pursued his M.S. in the Kuo Lab.

Nate Zamarripa (M.S., 2009)
Nate Zamarripa recently returned to New England and is now working at Boston Scientific as an R&D Engineer in the Interventional Oncology group. He is currently working on a team whose focus is to develop new tools for interventional radiologists performing procedures such as transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), drug eluting bead embolization (DEB) and Yttrium 90 radioemembolization (Y90). He finished his M.S. in the Kuo Lab in 2009.