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2020 Publications

(Updated June 2020)

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  1. Bonzanni M, Rouleau N, Levin M, Kaplan DL. Optogenetically induced cellular habituation in non-neuronal cells. PLoS One, 15(1):e0227230 (2020) [PMID: 31951626]
  2. Bonzanni M, Payne SL, Adelfio M, Kaplan DL, Levin M, Oudin MJ. Defined extracellular ionic solutions to study and manipulate the cellular resting membrane potential. Biological Open, 9(1): ahead of print (2020) [PMID 31852666]
  3. Cardenas D, Bhalchandra S, Lamisere H, Chen Y, Zeng XL, Ramani S, Karandikar UC, Kaplan DL, Estes MK, Ward HD. Two- and three-dimensional bioengineered human intestinal tissue models for cryptosporidium. Methods in Molecular Biology 2052:373-402 (2020) [PMID: 31452173]
  4. Cheng W, Ding Z, Zheng X, Lu Q, Kong X, Zhou X, Lu G, Kaplan DL. Injectable hydrogel systems with multiple biophysical and biochemical cues for bone regeneration. Biomaterial Science March 26, ahead of print (2020) [PMID: 32215404]
  5. D’Souza MP, Rele S, Haynes BF, Hu DJ, Kaplan DL, Mamaghani S, Rampulla D. Engineering immunity for next generation HIV vaccines: the intersection of bioengineering and immunology. Vaccine 38(2):187-193 (2020) [PMID 31759734]
  6. Erndt-Marino J, Yeisley DJ, Chen H, Levin M, Kaplan DL, Hahn MS. Interferon-gamma stimulated murine macrophages in vitro: impact of ionic composition and osmolarity and therapeutic implications. Bioelectricity 2(1):48-58 (2020[PMID: 32292895]
  7. Fish KD, Rubio NR, Stout AJ, Yuen JSK, Kaplan DL. Prospects and challenges for cell-cultured fat as a novel food ingredient. Trends in Food Science and Technology 98:53-67 (2020) [PID: 32123465]
  8. Guo C, Li C, Vu HV, Hanna P, Lechtig A, Qiu Y, Mu X, Ling X, Nazarian A, Lin SJ, Kaplan DL. Thermoplastic moulding of regenerated silk. Nature Materials 19(1):102-108 (2020) [PMID: 31844276]
  9. Guo C, Li C, Kaplan DL. Enzymatic degradation of Bombyx mori silk materials: a review. Biomacromolecules Feb 19, ahead of print (2020) [PMID: 32040910]
  10. Hasturk O, Jordan KE, Choi J, Kaplan DL. Enzymatically crosslinked silk and silk-gelatin hydrogels with tunable gelation kinetics, mechanical properties and bioactivity for cell culture and encapsulation. Biomaterials, 232:119720 (2020) [PMID 31892840]
  11. Kamaldinov T, Erndt-Marino J, Levin M, Kaplan DL, Hahn MS. Assessment of enrichment f human mesenchymal stem cells based on plasma and mitrochondrial membrane potentials. Bioelectricity 2(1):21-32 (2020) [PMID: 32292894]
  12. Koullali B, Zhang Y, Peterson A, Raia N, Kaplan DL, House MD. Cervical augmentation with an injectable silk-based gel: biocompatibility in a rat model of pregnancy. Reproductive Science 27(5):1215-1221 (2020) [PMID 32046447]
  13. Li, C, C Guo, V Fitzpatrick, A Ibrahim, MJ Zwierstra, P Hanna, A Lechtig, A Nazarian, SJ Lin, DL Kaplan. Design of biodegradable, implantable devices towards clinical translation. Nature Reviews Materials, hpps://doi-org/10.1038/s41578-019-0150z (2020)
  14. Liaudanskaya V, Chung JY, Mizzoni C, Rouleau N, Berk AN, Wu L. Turner JA, Georgakoudi I, Whalen MJ, Nieland TJF, Kaplan DL. Modeling controlled cortical impact injury in 3D brain-like tissue cultures. Advanced Healthcare Materials May, ahead of print (2020) [PMID 32406202]
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  18. Raia NR, Jia D, Ghezzi CE, Muthukumar M, Kaplan DL. Characterization of silk-hyaluronic acid composite hydrogels towards vitreous humor substitutes. Biomaterials 233:119729(2020) [PMID 31927250]
  19. Rodriguez M, Kluge JA, Smoot D, Kluge MA, Schmidt DF, Paetsch CR, Kim PS, Kaplan DL. Fabrication mechanically improved silk-based vascular grafts by solution control of the gel-spinning process. Biomaterials, 230:119567 ahead of print (2020) [PMID 31761485]
  20. Rouleau N, Cantley WL, Liaudanskaya V, Berk A, Du C, Rusk W, Peirent E, Koester C, Nieland TJF, Kaplan DL. A long-living bioengineered neural tissue platform to study neurodegeneration. Macromolecular Bioscience 20(3): ahead of print (2020) [PMID 32065736]
  21. Taylor JS, Yavuz B, Zeki J, Wood L, Ikegaki N, Coburn J, Harrington K, Shimada H, Kaplan DL, Chiu B. Enhancing sustained-release local therapy: single versus dual chemotherapy for the treatment of neuroblastoma. Surgery Feb 28, pii:S0039-600(20)30053-2. Doi:10.1016 (ahead of print) (2020) [PMID 32122657]
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  25. Yeo J, Qiu Y, Jung GS, Zhang YW, Buehler MJ, Kaplan DL. Adverse effects of Alport syndrome-related Gly missense mutations on collagen type IV: insights from molecular simulations and experiments. Biomaterials 240:119857, ahead of print (2020) [PMID 3085975]
  26. Zhang X, Zhang Z, Xiao L, Ding Z, He J, Lu G, Lu Q, Kaplan DL. Natural nanofiber shuttles for transporting hydrophobic cargo into aqueous solutions. Biomacromolecules 21(2):1022-1030 (2020) [PMID 31935078]
  27. Zheng X, Ding Z, Cheng W, Lu Q, Kong X, Zhou X, Lu G, Kaplan DL. Microskin-inspired injectable MSC-laden hydrogels for scarless wound healing with hair follicles. Advanced Healthcare Materials April 27:e2000041, ahead of print (2020) [PMID: 32338466]